User's Comments on Electrical Stimulation - PT (non-live)

Date: 2021-01-19 15:02:00
Comment: N/A
Date: 2021-01-16 18:26:37
Comment: Convenient
Date: 2021-01-13 14:59:14
Comment: Excellent review and some new updates I noticed. Thank You.
Date: 2021-01-06 19:45:11
Comment: Awesome! very informative!
Date: 2020-12-29 14:34:28
Comment: Great course
Date: 2020-11-23 21:45:17
Comment: Great refresher... very informative
Date: 2020-11-13 03:21:37
Comment: It's a great information applicable to all settings, Information was clear and concise. So convenient to do this from the comfort of my home...thank you!
Date: 2020-11-11 11:43:36
Comment: This course was a good refresher for those who have not used ES in some time.
Date: 2020-11-05 12:51:26
Comment: Great course
Date: 2020-10-28 17:03:55
Comment: Good pace, informative, discipline specific especially to PT and CHT combination
Date: 2020-09-18 17:42:28
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2020-09-15 22:13:24
Comment: Jodi rocks!
Date: 2020-09-13 00:52:42
Comment: Have recommended course to co-workers.
Date: 2020-08-15 21:08:02
Comment: Again, great speaker!
Date: 2020-07-17 23:06:54
Comment: A very good course.
Date: 2020-06-20 17:47:39
Comment: good info!
Date: 2020-06-09 08:55:35
Comment: good course
Date: 2020-05-20 16:22:52
Comment: thank you all .
Date: 2020-05-14 22:19:38
Comment: She is an amazing instructor and I enjoy her sessions!
Date: 2020-04-24 20:13:38
Comment: Great course. Highly recommended for refresher.
Date: 2020-04-15 15:08:29
Comment: Great, very informative!
Date: 2020-04-08 14:34:13
Comment: Great instructor!
Date: 2020-03-31 18:43:06
Comment: Excellent presentation. The instructor is clearly very knowledgeable and very good at presenting the information in an easy to understand format. Very worthwhile course.
Date: 2020-03-08 22:34:19
Comment: good. Needs more topics.
Date: 2020-02-20 19:04:14
Comment: A good refresher with some new research and insight.
Date: 2020-02-04 20:45:25
Comment: Great Review!
Date: 2020-01-16 21:23:42
Comment: Rock on !
Date: 2020-01-06 23:41:12
Comment: excellent course
Date: 2019-12-29 20:31:57
Comment: Useful info
Date: 2019-12-08 17:57:57
Comment: great
Date: 2019-12-05 12:30:08
Comment: Great review, thank you.
Date: 2019-11-24 18:13:51
Comment: Informative, well researched and presented
Date: 2019-11-12 02:51:15
Comment: Loved the way the information was presented very clear and comprehesable. The presenter was awesome so well spoken. Thank you.
Date: 2019-11-03 00:40:59
Comment: Beneficial
Date: 2019-10-17 19:26:40
Comment: Thank you.
Date: 2019-09-13 14:25:23
Comment: Love the instructor. She is amazing
Date: 2019-07-26 20:27:05
Comment: GREAT!!!
Date: 2019-07-06 14:37:09
Comment: Very informative. Great Job!
Date: 2019-06-23 00:58:28
Comment: Great refresher about e-stim
Date: 2019-05-08 15:12:05
Comment: Excellent review of material.
Date: 2019-05-06 12:41:44
Comment: Very helpful and educational. thanks.
Date: 2019-04-22 14:09:01
Comment: please do another comparing different waveforms and when to use which.
Date: 2019-04-20 23:03:53
Comment: Excellent information and presentation.
Date: 2019-04-13 17:13:44
Comment: Great Course and very interactive and informative
Date: 2019-04-04 20:09:14
Comment: thankful for the power point notes, wish the video was a little better quality with a larger screen
Date: 2019-04-01 17:45:51
Comment: Very helpful for my setting in outpatient.
Date: 2019-03-31 09:54:25
Comment: This was a great course, non-live course are much more convenient and just as informative.
Date: 2019-03-03 22:00:17
Comment: Great refresher course.
Date: 2019-03-03 12:43:45
Comment: Very well organized and informative. Emphasized the main points.
Date: 2019-02-28 21:44:07
Date: 2019-02-28 04:01:54
Comment: was basically a review of electrical stim learned in school. Hoping to have learned something more enlightening.
Date: 2019-02-18 10:26:08
Comment: very good refresher!
Date: 2019-02-14 22:54:56
Comment: Good reminder course
Date: 2019-02-04 10:15:19
Comment: understandable explanations
Date: 2019-01-31 21:37:09
Comment: great course
Date: 2019-01-24 22:07:07
Comment: Instructor always great
Date: 2019-01-21 19:10:49
Comment: Very informative and comprehensive for NMES. Wish she could do a webinar for other currents sometime. Will be anticipating her upcoming webinar on spasticity. :)
Date: 2019-01-14 19:09:13
Comment: I remember learning all this in college and how hard it was; this course was the best refreshment course on ES I've seen in a long time, very informative.
Date: 2019-01-14 16:30:56
Comment: I would have preferred that the title be Electrical Stimulation: NMES. I didn't realize this entire course was specifically about NMES. I was hoping to get more info re: interferential current.
Date: 2019-01-07 08:46:32
Comment: great
Date: 2018-12-18 12:12:30
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2018-12-16 17:02:01
Comment: good material and nice way of completing the course via on-line video
Date: 2018-12-13 18:34:39
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2018-12-10 12:08:34
Comment: Jodi is an outstanding lecturer. She is able to explain the why it is better one way as opposed to the other.
Date: 2018-12-09 17:41:58
Comment: A lot of examples provided to assist clinicians
Date: 2018-12-09 16:50:26
Comment: loved it, lots of good info and questions at the end were informative
Date: 2018-12-08 15:51:58
Comment: This instructor helped me to grasp Estim better.
Date: 2018-11-27 17:18:07
Comment: Very informative!
Date: 2018-11-26 22:22:12
Comment: The speaker filled in with factual material between slides to further provide evidence of use.
Date: 2018-11-10 03:12:38
Comment: Informative and convenient
Date: 2018-11-04 16:11:45
Comment: Straightforward.
Date: 2018-11-03 18:25:46
Comment: I love this instructor!!! The info is for use in our every day lives and the research to back it!! Thank you
Date: 2018-10-21 17:47:37
Comment: very helpful
Date: 2018-10-16 19:14:02
Comment: Great speaker, explained in a very understanding level
Date: 2018-10-13 11:58:04
Comment: great course with a lot of examples
Date: 2018-10-12 13:00:46
Comment: I hope you increase your taped videos because they are awesome.
Date: 2018-10-07 18:18:39
Date: 2018-10-03 13:15:00
Comment: Very good instructor
Date: 2018-10-01 22:37:39
Comment: good course, very clear and understandable, but I was hoping for more comprehensive information covering more types of estim
Date: 2018-09-30 00:22:24
Comment: Thanks for the course!
Date: 2018-09-23 15:14:14
Comment: very happy I took this course and the presenter was extremely knowledgeable
Date: 2018-09-08 18:21:53
Comment: able to understand with clarity--pleasant voice for instructing.
Date: 2018-08-27 12:29:44
Comment: Thanks, love the convenience and passing of the course. Main points were very well emphasized. Instructor was easy to listen to.
Date: 2018-08-25 19:32:23
Comment: The teacher was excellent and explained everything clearly
Date: 2018-08-14 21:27:16
Comment: very instructive
Date: 2018-08-11 17:45:18
Comment: good
Date: 2018-08-11 16:37:14
Comment: good
Date: 2018-07-29 19:23:27
Comment: Very informative. Enjoyed the course
Date: 2018-07-28 10:12:55
Comment: Excellent Educational Refresher gave me incentive to use more Electrical Stimulation
Date: 2018-07-25 01:41:02
Comment: Good Review! thanks!
Date: 2018-07-17 18:23:10
Comment: thank you
Date: 2018-06-22 21:09:51
Comment: instructor very knowledgeable
Date: 2018-06-19 10:19:26
Comment: informative
Date: 2018-06-07 14:35:33
Comment: Very informative
Date: 2018-06-01 11:48:40
Comment: Fantastic Course! A great review!!
Date: 2018-05-30 15:23:14
Comment: Very informative.
Date: 2018-05-25 13:43:42
Comment: convenient, good refresher
Date: 2018-05-23 15:29:59
Comment: Also wanted tens and ifc instruction
Date: 2018-04-23 09:54:52
Comment: I enjoyed Jodi Gootkin's teaching very much. She knows the subject matter and is able to convey all objectives with ease. It was nice to have a refresher on e-stim with current research to back it up.
Date: 2018-04-21 16:40:12
Comment: I would love to see more video seminars by this therapist. She was amazing!!! Very knowledgeable.
Date: 2018-04-19 19:22:37
Comment: this WAs a great course. Would like other courses that deal with modalities if possible.
Date: 2018-04-18 20:47:55
Date: 2018-04-15 22:30:47
Comment: a wonderful presenter
Date: 2018-04-09 19:16:39
Comment: Thank you. I enjoyed your presentation.
Date: 2018-04-05 23:23:24
Comment: Was curious about pulse width. Did I miss this part because I don't remember he talking about settings or general guidelines for pulse width/microseconds for specific areas
Date: 2018-03-27 22:50:57
Comment: Great review of current, duty cycle, etc. Instructor has a great way of presenting information.
Date: 2018-03-26 21:23:54
Comment: Fantastic clinical instructor! Great video that's easy to understand and helpful for refresher/CEU.
Date: 2018-03-23 17:48:21
Comment: Interesting course and good review
Date: 2018-03-14 12:48:38
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2018-03-13 14:21:40
Comment: Good, informative course
Date: 2018-02-28 14:22:15
Comment: Great job!
Date: 2018-02-28 02:02:17
Comment: The time donated to the questions and removing the incorrect answers seemed too long
Date: 2018-02-23 12:19:08
Comment: Great review
Date: 2018-02-18 16:17:31
Comment: It would have been helpful to have a motor points map for a resource for later as well as intensity parameters (when it is set too high for the patient?)
Date: 2018-02-11 11:03:22
Comment: Great Course and Instructor. This course was both a great refresher and also informative. I took away good information that will help me positively adjust my treatment sessions to maximize production and gains of my patients.
Date: 2018-02-07 19:06:59
Comment: Thanks
Date: 2018-02-05 08:46:51
Comment: Excellent and thank you for ability to take test till I achieve MY desired end of 100%
Date: 2018-02-04 16:56:27
Comment: Thorough. Nicely done. Thank you
Date: 2018-01-30 21:39:56
Comment: I would like to see a similar course on interferential stimulation
Date: 2018-01-28 23:03:32
Comment: Excellent course ! One of the Best Home Study Courses I've ever taken. PLEASE NOTE: I think some times in these courses from your company, the words "effect" and "affect" are confused. If A EFFECTS B - that means that A is the CAUSE of B. A makes B exist or brings B into existence. If A AFFECTS B - that means that A INFLUENCES or CHANGES B but does not CAUSE B to exist.
Date: 2018-01-23 00:13:05
Comment: really enjoyed this class was easy to follow and was relatable to real patients better understanding of parameters and appropriate use of NMES
Date: 2018-01-16 14:41:24
Comment: Would be beneficial to have pictures on printouts of course material. Overall, great course.
Date: 2018-01-12 22:54:48
Comment: Would like to see more video courses like this.
Date: 2018-01-12 14:45:36
Comment: GREAT COURSE!! This information will definitely help me in my clinic with our new Electrical Stimulation unit. Thanks!
Date: 2018-01-11 14:55:01
Comment: great
Date: 2017-12-31 23:51:56
Comment: Good class
Date: 2017-12-31 16:11:15
Comment: Love the videos as an option for classes!
Date: 2017-12-30 14:55:54
Comment: Q&A at end was informative as well. Thank you.
Date: 2017-12-10 18:56:16
Comment: very interesting course, haven't done electric stim in years and currently have 2 patient that need it.
Date: 2017-12-09 13:05:26
Comment: good review of ES
Date: 2017-12-08 14:58:26
Comment: Informative and convenient
Date: 2017-12-07 13:12:08
Comment: Very well done and so convenient. thank you
Date: 2017-12-05 01:29:54
Comment: More pictures for placement
Date: 2017-12-03 19:20:29
Comment: Unfortunately, one would need another course to cover IFS uses. Very good coverage of the NMES uses, so a generic "electrical stimulation" is not accurate. Otherwise a 10 rating.
Date: 2017-11-27 23:00:55
Comment: Good course.
Date: 2017-11-27 18:13:01
Comment: Jodi Gootkin is extremely easy to watch and listen to. She is a great communicator. I’ve watched 2 of her webinars in 2 days. Will look forward to more of her classes.
Date: 2017-11-25 19:30:07
Comment: Very knowledgeable presenter
Date: 2017-11-22 17:29:31
Comment: I love the convenience.
Date: 2017-11-12 15:27:32
Comment: great review for use of NMES in the clinical setting
Date: 2017-11-12 14:03:04
Comment: I enjoyed it!
Date: 2017-10-24 17:21:15
Comment: good review from modalities class ;)
Date: 2017-10-24 00:27:13
Comment: Very good course. I hope to see more modality course options by this instructor
Date: 2017-10-18 17:36:29
Comment: was hoping there would be info on alternative ES, such as micro stim, H wave, galvanic DC, etc., it was however, a good review of standard clinical ES uses
Date: 2017-10-03 09:34:43
Comment: Very thorough. Useful for clinical applications.
Date: 2017-09-30 18:19:21
Comment: Great review of current evidence and practical application
Date: 2017-09-22 15:29:29
Comment: Great Course!
Date: 2017-09-18 16:36:14
Comment: thank you!
Date: 2017-09-10 17:20:34
Comment: Very pleasing to be able to go to a site that offers literature (even if you're just wanting information on a topic and not just paying for CEU's)on very important topics and to refresh education.
Date: 2017-08-29 22:16:16
Comment: Convenient way of learning.
Date: 2017-08-15 22:08:12
Comment: thank you.
Date: 2017-08-13 12:20:53
Comment: I enjoyed this course. It was a review of sorts and she explained it well.
Date: 2017-08-06 00:52:57
Date: 2017-07-16 20:10:21
Comment: Thank you.. I needed this course.. Great refresher.
Date: 2017-07-15 20:42:38
Comment: very informative
Date: 2017-07-14 04:33:00
Comment: Awesome!. This is absolutely the most convenient way to get my CEUs. Love the way that the test questions are reviewed in the video. Thanks!