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User's Comments on Alzheimer's Disease - PT

Date: 2018-10-25 09:03:04
Comments: Friendly use system, very productive and educative.

Date: 2018-10-24 10:02:10
Comments: Very informative

Date: 2018-10-08 20:46:21
Comments: Very good information

Date: 2018-10-07 14:22:34

Date: 2018-10-03 22:21:53
Comments: Very informative. Test was easy to navigate.

Date: 2018-09-25 00:26:24
Comments: informative, useful.

Date: 2018-09-24 19:18:21
Comments: It would be nice to see the questions we missed with the correct answer.

Date: 2018-09-16 20:39:13
Comments: Great thanks

Date: 2018-09-12 18:46:43
Comments: very informative and relevant to my work

Date: 2018-09-09 18:28:07
Comments: informative course

Date: 2018-09-09 15:52:23
Comments: thank you very much

Date: 2018-09-08 14:24:40
Comments: very applicable to my area of work, home care.

Date: 2018-09-07 16:25:21
Comments: Very Informative!

Date: 2018-09-05 21:12:05
Comments: good

Date: 2018-08-31 13:36:33
Comments: very informative

Date: 2018-08-24 14:06:48
Comments: great course

Date: 2018-08-07 18:30:58
Comments: Great, informative & an easy way to gain AD knowledge

Date: 2018-07-24 21:14:55
Comments: excellent review, good quality

Date: 2018-07-15 17:01:30
Comments: Enjoyed this course. Work frequently with AD patients -- this course very informative helping me to know about the disease process and how to work with those who suffer from this disease.

Date: 2018-07-14 22:24:50
Comments: easy to follow the test

Date: 2018-07-14 22:24:46
Comments: easy to follow the test

Date: 2018-07-10 19:19:17
Comments: very easy to read and understand.

Date: 2018-06-24 17:47:06
Comments: Course was good

Date: 2018-06-23 11:35:29
Comments: thanks

Date: 2018-06-19 13:06:12
Comments: very helpful and up-to-date information

Date: 2018-06-15 16:46:44
Comments: Informative even to an experienced therapist!

Date: 2018-06-15 08:35:12
Comments: I liked the new research information and updates. I feel that there should have been more on direct PT activities.

Date: 2018-06-13 15:52:42
Comments: great class

Date: 2018-06-09 10:22:06
Comments: Very useful for daily practice

Date: 2018-05-31 23:37:43
Comments: informative course

Date: 2018-05-22 11:17:09
Comments: Very informative. Thank you

Date: 2018-05-16 12:35:12
Comments: Very informative, detailed and very applicable to a few of my current patients. This information is great for family training purposes as most of the families are not very well informed. I enjoyed reading all about this disease.

Date: 2018-05-12 18:34:27

Date: 2018-05-09 07:16:47
Comments: this is a good course. I wish that there would have been a label on which scale the stages were taken from (Global Deterioration Scale, etc.). The stages should have been described in much greater detail with a focus on treatment approaches for people at each stage.

Date: 2018-05-08 00:00:46
Comments: Sufficiently abundant for learning!

Date: 2018-05-05 20:32:40
Comments: on page 20 of the literature it clearly states the APOE testing only can only detect the gene that is a risk factor but can NOT tell whether a person will develop AD..its seems incorrect that i was scored wrong on that question.

Date: 2018-05-01 12:46:20
Comments: Very informative, useful information that relates to patients

Date: 2018-04-24 14:23:20
Comments: Very informative.

Date: 2018-04-22 01:46:09
Comments: great course

Date: 2018-04-04 22:43:35
Comments: Thank you for being affordable.

Date: 2018-04-03 18:29:47
Comments: Great course!!!

Date: 2018-03-28 23:04:05
Comments: Is question 1 correct? I was thinking it was 8-10 years.

Date: 2018-03-28 11:08:14
Comments: Great reading

Date: 2018-03-25 08:37:21
Comments: Very informative course for gaining an understanding of Alzheimer's disease and impacts on the patient we serve.

Date: 2018-03-13 10:30:54
Comments: Thanks for your help in I getting the certification

Date: 2018-03-11 11:28:40
Comments: Very informative!! Good information for me to use in the field.

Date: 2018-03-07 10:50:58
Comments: Very informative!

Date: 2018-02-26 01:37:40
Comments: Great review course on Alzheimer's

Date: 2018-02-25 05:39:28
Comments: The course was very informative and educational.

Date: 2018-02-24 00:55:17
Comments: Insightful and practical information for me, as now I am the primary caregiver for my 96 year old mom. While not formally diagnosed, she is functioning at a moderate level of impairment. thank you. I will be referring back to this course frequently.

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