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User's Comments on Bone Health & Disease - PT

Date: 2016-01-21 22:17:12
Comments: Good anatomy background

Date: 2016-01-20 21:42:43
Comments: Concise. convenient. very informative.

Date: 2016-01-19 14:18:36
Comments: Thank You

Date: 2016-01-10 10:34:35
Comments: Clear and to the point.

Date: 2016-01-09 12:41:27
Comments: Would have liked statistics with exercise recommendations, or citing of studies i.e. sample sizes.

Date: 2016-01-07 09:11:33
Comments: Very informative

Date: 2015-12-31 10:49:37
Comments: Good course! Very informative. Thank you!

Date: 2015-12-29 22:05:00
Comments: Extensive information given on bone health but important to clinician.

Date: 2015-12-28 22:05:51
Comments: I enjoyed it.

Date: 2015-12-28 21:35:20
Comments: Please write the source of the research study with footnote as reference.

Date: 2015-12-28 20:53:32
Comments: Great course

Date: 2015-12-25 08:26:22
Comments: Thanks!

Date: 2015-12-24 09:07:33
Comments: good

Date: 2015-12-23 10:36:49
Comments: The course contained valuable information regarding O.I.

Date: 2015-12-20 21:52:44
Comments: Informative/Good format

Date: 2015-12-20 15:46:05
Comments: I tried doing this test at home on a weekend. Not good with kids running around, but I think I retained a lot of the material.

Date: 2015-12-20 05:31:49
Comments: Thank you

Date: 2015-12-18 20:20:29
Comments: Very informative! Thanks!

Date: 2015-12-17 14:44:45
Comments: would have gave a better overall course rating, but I believe that you have the wrong answer for question 3. I believe the answer should be Idiopathic hyper-calciuria and/or cystic fibrosis.

Date: 2015-12-15 21:09:50
Comments: Very informative!

Date: 2015-12-13 19:41:42
Comments: Very good course - Thank you!

Date: 2015-12-11 11:42:47
Comments: Helpful info

Date: 2015-12-08 21:01:48
Comments: great course

Date: 2015-12-08 21:01:31
Comments: great course

Date: 2015-12-05 17:11:42
Comments: Lots of pertinent information.

Date: 2015-12-04 18:40:10
Comments: As a visual learner, a few diagrams would be helpful regarding bone structure/makeup

Date: 2015-12-01 13:59:42
Comments: Great convenience!!!!

Date: 2015-11-30 21:00:45
Comments: great course

Date: 2015-11-28 11:19:03
Comments: thank you

Date: 2015-11-26 10:08:42
Comments: Excellent study guide refreshing many bone basics for PTA's

Date: 2015-11-17 17:22:05
Comments: Very informative. Thank you!

Date: 2015-11-09 21:44:22
Comments: Information could have been more direct

Date: 2015-11-09 21:07:30
Comments: Information could be more direct

Date: 2015-11-03 22:07:12
Comments: a bit wordy, but good information

Date: 2015-11-03 19:25:05
Comments: this is my first time om cheapceus, i plan to do more before the end of 2015!!

Date: 2015-11-02 18:52:44
Comments: Thank you for this wonderful site! Myself and my co-workers using it for years and years! Very relevant, very informative !

Date: 2015-10-28 10:21:55
Comments: Comprehensive and well presented

Date: 2015-10-28 02:04:31
Comments: Excellent course !

Date: 2015-10-20 03:27:52
Comments: very informative and convenient.

Date: 2015-10-18 18:43:29
Comments: no comment at this time

Date: 2015-10-18 15:07:22
Comments: very informative

Date: 2015-10-14 00:43:37
Comments: The course is very beneficia.l

Date: 2015-10-14 00:43:27
Comments: informative course

Date: 2015-10-12 22:35:47
Comments: Course was informative and met my needs. Thank you.

Date: 2015-09-30 23:30:07
Comments: informative and interesting

Date: 2015-09-29 15:11:04
Comments: There is one mistake. It listed biking as an exercise to stress the bones and avoid osteoporosis. This is incorrect. Look up biking and osteoporosis, and you will find multiple reports and articles about how biking does NOT stress the bones sufficiently to prevent OP.

Date: 2015-09-29 15:09:02
Comments: thank you

Date: 2015-09-29 14:10:21
Comments: thank you

Date: 2015-09-28 14:48:14
Comments: Question #9 was very confusing and couldn't really pull the answer out, which D was false because it was prevention of inju.ry

Date: 2015-09-25 17:20:21
Comments: Very informative course

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