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Headaches - PT (non-live) - 3 Hour

You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.
(1) Which of the following has the highest incidence of headaches?
(A) Males 75-80 years old
(B) Males 13-30 years old
(C) Females 18-44 years old
(D) Females 50-70 years old
(2) Which of the following is NOT one of the identified headache "red flags"?
(A) Thunderclap headache
(B) Atypical aura lasting 5 minutes
(C) Valsalva-related headache
(D) Orthostatic headache
(3) Which of the following is NOT associated with a tension type headache?
(A) Bilateral
(B) Originates in the posterior cervical region
(C) Symptoms aggravated by activity
(D) Specific positions alter pain
(4) ___________ is physiological change caused by emotional stress.
(A) Somatization
(B) Hyperbolization
(C) Reflexia
(D) Symptomization
(5) The most common location of a migraine headache is ________________.
(A) bilateral superior
(B) bilateral temporal
(C) unilateral anterior
(D) unilateral posterior
(6) Which type of intervention is NOT effective for managing migraine headaches?
(A) Pharmacological
(B) Behavioral
(C) Musculoskeletal
(D) Lifestyle
(7) Botulinum toxin A is an FDA approved treatment for prophylactic management of ______________.
(A) episodic migraines
(B) chronic migraines
(C) chronic tension type headaches
(D) acute cluster headaches
(8) Which of the following is TRUE regarding cervicogenic headaches?
(A) Categorized as a primary headache
(B) Bilateral throbbing pain
(C) Associated with dysfunction of the facial nerve
(D) Pain is exacerbated by cervical movement
(9) Which of the following is NOT an identified pediatric migraine variant?
(A) Cyclic vomiting syndrome
(B) Abdominal migraine
(C) Paroxysmal torticollis
(D) Van Nostrum syndrome
(10) Post-traumatic headaches typically develop in the first __________ following an injury.
(A) 7 days
(B) 24 hours
(C) 2 months
(D) 60 minutes
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