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Workplace Injuries - PT (non-live) - 3 Hour

You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.
(1) According to OSHA, who generally bears the greatest financial cost following a work-related injury?
(A) Worker's Compensation
(B) State and Federal Government
(C) The injured worker
(D) Employer
(2) Employers must report each non-fatal sentinel event to OSHA within _______.
(A) 60 minutes
(B) 8 hours
(C) 24 hours
(D) 3 weeks
(3) Which of the following industries typically has the lowest incidence of musculoskeletal injuries?
(A) Transportation
(B) Construction
(C) Warehousing
(D) Nursing
(4) Which of the following is NOT considered a causative factor for work related musculoskeketal disorders?
(A) Heavy physical work
(B) High body mass index
(C) Educational level
(D) Low job satisfaction
(5) What is the primary focus of Worksite Health Promotion?
(A) Reducing individual modifiable risk factors
(B) Developing administrative safety plans
(C) Analyzing physical plant systems
(D) Improving employee productivity
(6) What is the primary cause of injury to healthcare workers?
(A) Exposure to pathogens
(B) Slips, trips, and falls
(C) Overexertion
(D) Cuts and punctures
(7) Being physically present at work but not fully productive is known as _______.
(A) Unsubstantiating
(B) Presenteeism
(C) Hypovocationing
(D) Substriving
(8) Which factor is NOT a consideration when utilizing the OSHA Lift Calculator?
(A) Beginning position of a lifted object
(B) Ending position of lifted object
(C) Weight of lifted object
(D) Shape of lifted object
(9) The best work zone is defined as the area between the _______ superiorly and the _______ inferiorly.
(A) shoulders;knees
(B) chin;elbows
(C) elbows;mid-thighs
(D) heart;waist
(10) Which type of wheel is best suited for rough uneven surfaces.
(A) Pneumatic
(B) Solid polyurethane
(C) Solid steel
(D) Hard rubber
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