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Ethics In Massage Therapy - 2 Hour

You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.
(1) Which statement regarding ethics theories is CORRECT? (p. 4)
(A) Utilitarianism is the theory that right and wrong is determined by consequence.
(B) Social Contract Theory proposes that each person should do whatever promotes their own best interests.
(C) Ethical Egoism is based on the theory that ethical behavior is a result of inherent character traits
(D) Natural Law Theory proposes that moral code is created by the people who form societies.
(2) Which of the following is considered the accepted standard of ethical conduct for a massage therapist? (p. 6)
(A) State Practice Act
(B) NCBTMB or AMTA Code of Ethics
(C) Employer's policy and procedure manual
(3) The goal of the informed consent process is to _________. (p. 6)
(A) Provide protection for health care providers against litigation.
(B) Ensure that individuals have an opportunity to be informed participants in decisions about their health care.
(C) Improve efficiency and accuracy throughout the health care system.
(D) Facilitate the practice of evidence based medicine.
(4) Massage therapists are expected to make a fiduciary commitment to their clients. This means that they will ________. (p. 9)
(A) Place the needs and interests of their clients before their own
(B) Provide only evidence based care
(C) Charge the patient based on their ability to pay
(D) Provide pro bono services
(5) Gifts from companies to massage therapists are acceptable only when ___. (p. 12)
(A) The primary purpose is the enhancement of patient care and medical knowledge
(B) Each professional in the field receives the same gift without regard to previous product usage
(C) The company is introducing a new product or service to the market
(D) None of the above
(6) Information relating to _____ is individually identifiable health information that is covered under the Privacy Rule of HIPAA. (p. 13)
(A) an individual's past, present or future physical or mental health or condition
(B) the provision of health care to the individual
(C) the past, present, or future payment for the provision of health care to the individual
(D) All of the above
(7) According to the AMTA, the Code of Ethics is a _________________. (p. 15)
(A) listing of laws & rules that define legal massage therapy practice
(B) framework of clinical protocols that is used to guide therapeutic care
(C) summary statement of the standards of conduct that define ethical behavior
(D) document that establishes professional qualifications for massage therapists.
(8) Sexual activity with clients, students, employees, supervisors, or trainees is ______________.(p. 20)
(A) situation dependent
(B) strongly discouraged
(C) prohibited unless it is consensual
(D) prohibited even if consensual
(9) Which of the following is not addressed in either the NCBTMB or AMTA Standards of Practice? (p. 16-23)
(A) Penalties for unlawful practice
(B) Sanitation, hygiene, and safety
(C) Marketing
(D) Research
(10) Which of the following is NOT included in the Florida Patient's Bill of Rights? (p. 23-25)
(A) The individual dignity of a patient must be respected at all times and upon all occasions.
(B) A patient has the right to know the name, function, and qualifications of each health care provider who is providing medical services to the patient.
(C) A patient in a health care facility who does not speak English, must be provided with an interpreter free of charge within 6 hours of their request.
(D) A patient has the right to receive a copy of an itemized bill upon request.
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