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HIV/AIDS Update (2 Hour) - PT - 2 Hour

You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.
(1) It is estimated that worldwide more than _____________ are now living with HIV/AIDS. (p.3)
(A) 1in 10 adults
(B) 20 percent of the population
(C) 40 million people
(D) 13 million children
(2) Which of the following is NOT an opportunistic infection commonly associated with AIDS? (p.5)
(A) Schistosimiasis
(B) Mycobacterium Avium Complex
(C) Pneumocystis Pneumonia
(D) Toxoplasmosis
(3) A person infected with HIV is considered to have AIDS when their T-cell count is less than _____. (p.6)
(A) 200 cells per microliter of blood
(B) 450 cells per microliter of blood
(C) 1,200 cells per microliter of blood
(D) 1,750 cells per microliter of blood
(4) HIV transmission is possible through contact with which one of the following body fluids? (p.6-8)
(A) sweat
(B) saliva
(C) vomit
(D) breast milk
(5) During the early stages of HIV infection, most people experience _______. (p.8)
(A) enlarged glands
(B) a persistent cough
(C) no symptoms at all
(D) chronic diarrhea
(6) The definitive test for confirming HIV infection is the ____________. (p.11)
(A) ELISA Serum Test
(B) ELISA Oral Test
(C) Western Blot Test
(D) Rapid Serologic Test
(7) Which group of drugs works by neutralizing an enzyme that HIV needs near the end of its life cycle? (p.15)
(A) Reverse transcriptase inhibitors
(B) Protease inhibitors
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of the above
(8) Most cases of mother-to-child HIV transmission occur during _________. (p.18)
(A) first trimester rapid blastocoel division
(B) third trimester fetal development
(C) post-partum breast feeding
(D) labor and delivery
(9) An intravenous drug abuser began participating in a clean needle exchange program 3 weeks ago. He would be in which stage of the "Stages of Change" model? (p.21-22)
(A) Action
(B) Pre-contemplation
(C) Preparation
(D) Contemplation
(10) Which one of the following statements pertaining to the Omnibus AIDS Act is TRUE? (p.24-26)
(A) General consent to draw blood and to run unspecified tests is sufficient to perform an AIDS test.
(B) Health care workers and non-medical workers exposed while providing emergency medical assistance, have the right to know the patient's HIV status.
(C) Individuals who test positive for HIV on the ELISA test must be notified of their positive status before a Western Blot Test is performed.
(D) Post-test counseling is not required when test results are negative for HIV infection.
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