Course Instructions


Step #1: Open the course text.
Step #2: Read the course text.
Step #3: Take the post-test
Step #4: Provide payment information.
Step #5: Print your certificate of completion and receipt.

Opening and Downloading Online Courses 
Open and download the course text simply by clicking on the PDF icon (orange box) next to the course title. 
Hint:  If you don't see the orange box, slide the scroll bar at the bottom of your screen to the right.
A copy of the post-test is included with the free download. (The post-test is the last two pages of each course.)

Reading the Course Text
After opening the course text, you may choose any of the following:

1. Read the course online from our website.
2. Save the course as a file to your computer; and read the text offline at your convenience.
3. Print a copy of the course; and read the text offline at your convenience.

Taking the Post-Test
Click on the orange "Take Course Post-Test" button located adjacent to the course title.
The post-test is exactly the same test that was included with the course text (the last two pages of each course).
Take the test by clicking on the correct answers.
Your test will then be scored automatically. A score of 70% or greater is required to pass the test. 
If you fail to score the required minimum of 70%, you will be requested to take the test again.
You may take the test as many times as needed without any penalties or additional fees.

Payment information is requested from you only after you have scored a 70% or higher on the Post-Test.
Please provide us with the requested information so that we may record your payment and complete your Course Certificate.
We accept all of the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Course Certificates
Your certificate of completion and receipt are instantly available for you to print.
You may also print additional copies whenever you'd like by simply returning to and clicking on the "Certificates & Receipts" button.


What do I need to do to attend a webinar?
Register for the webinar at You will then instantly receive a confirmation email from us that includes a link for accessing the webinar.

What should I do if I can’t find the confirmation email?
Go to back to the course listing on
Click on the "Register Now" button
You will see the following:
"If you have already registered and can’t locate your registration confirmation email click here."

Do I need any special equipment or software?
No. Our broadcast platform works on almost all desktops, laptops, or tablets without any additional or special equipment or software. (Apple iPad and iPhone users will automatically be directed to download an App.)

What should I do if I have problems with the sound or video, or if I can’t log onto the site successfully?
Call our technical support line at 954-663-4101 or 954-305-4814. It is always our pleasure to assist you.

Is the instructor presenting the course live?
Yes. You are always watching and listening to a live presentation. The instructor is presenting the course live, in real time, as you are seeing and hearing it.

What will I see and hear on my electronic device during the webinar?
On your screen, you will see several distinct areas. In the first area you will see and hear the instructor. The second area shows the instructor’s Powerpoint presentation. The third area contains the live chat board.

How can I interact with the instructor?
A live chat board is continuously open and visible to the instructor and all participants throughout the presentation. You may ask questions or make comments at any time.

Can the instructor or my fellow attendees see or hear me?
No. Neither the instructor nor the other attendees can see or hear you. (So feel free to put your feet up on your desk and watch in your pajamas.)

Is this course approved by my state’s professional Board?
To review a listing of all course approval, please go to:

I am licensed in a state that requires live continuing education credits. Are the live interactive webinars on approved by my state as live continuing education?
Yes. All of the webinars offered by are approved as live interactive continuing education for Florida PT/PTA & OT/OTA; Oklahoma PT/PTA (Category A - synchronous); and for New York OT/OTA (nonself-study interactive live).

How can you verify my attendance at the course?
We are able to verify individual participant attendance using software that identifies the presence of your specific electronic device on our broadcast platform. We monitor and record the exact times that each participant enters and leaves the webinar.

Do I need to attend the entire webinar to receive credit?
Yes. Participants who miss more than 20 minutes of the webinar are not eligible for CE credits.

Where do I get the course notes?
The course notes are available on the website.
Go to:
Click on: “Continuing Education Courses”
Click on your profession
Scroll down to the course title
Click on: “pdf” button (to the right of the course title)

What do I need to do to get continuing education credits for this course?
1. Register for the course
2. Attend the entire course
3. Complete and pass the interactive post-test
4. Pay for the course before 11:59 PM the same day the course is presented

Where do I find the interactive post-test?
The interactive post-test will be available on immediately after the course ends.
Go to:
Click on: “Continuing Education Courses”
Click on your profession
Scroll down to the specific course
Click on: “Take Course Post-Test” (to the right of course title)

How and when do I pay for the course?
After you pass the interactive post-test on, the website will progress you to the page where you will provide payment information. You may pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Are the website and payment system secure?
Yes. We use the most up-to-date encryption software to ensure the security of your information. We NEVER store or share your payment information. You will note that every time you make a purchase on it is necessary for you to re-type in your credit card number. This is because we do not save or store your credit card information anywhere in our system.

How do I get my certificate of completion?
Immediately after you click to submit your payment, you will see two buttons on your screen. One says “Click here for Certificate”. The other says “Click here for Receipt”. Your certificate and receipt are always available to you. All you ever have to do to retrieve them is to go to and then click on the “Certificates & Receipts” button on the left side of the screen.

Does automatically report Florida licensees’ CE credits to CEBroker?
We automatically report all Florida licensees’ CE credits to CEBroker at 1:00 AM the day after the course.