Frequently Asked Questions

The TN Board of Physical Therapy recently published the following definition of "online" as it pertains to Rule 1150-01-.12(3)(a)(1) and 1150-01-.12(3)(b)(1):
...“online” does not include those courses or activities that are interactive which require the answering of quiz questions throughout the course presentation or which require successful completion of a written post experience examination to evaluate material retention. Online also does not include those courses or activities that are real time with opportunity for interaction.  
What this means: CE courses that are live and interactive (like the webinars offered on are NOT considered to be "online".
The 10 hour online limitation does NOT apply to our live, interactive Webinars; licensees may take an unlimited number of our live, interactive Webinars to fulfill their CE requirements. 
Verification of this information can be found directly on the TN PT Board website at: 

 Is there a limit on the number of Activity Code 1 pdr activities that I can take? 
  1.  Michigan PT/PTA licensees may take a maximum of 20 pdr credits via Activity Code 1 activities each licensure renewal period.
  2.  Michigan PT Rule 338.7163(1)(a) states that PT/PTA licensees may not earn more than 12 pdr credits in any one 24-hour period.

  What is the Pain & Symptom Management pdr requirement?
  1.  In accordance with the Michigan Public Health Code, Section 16204(2), licensees shall earn at least one pdr credit in Pain and Symptom Management each time they renew their license.

  What is the Human Trafficking course requirement?
  1. In accordance with Michigan Administrative rule R 338.17126, individuals licensed or seeking licensure are to complete training to identify victims of human trafficking.

  For information:

Innovative Educational Services is a Texas Physical Therapy Association (TPTA) Continuing Competency Accredited Provider (APS#2201006).
By Texas statute, the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners automatically approves and accepts all courses offered by Accredited Providers.  

2201006  This is the number you should provide for ALL courses completed on

To verify our Accredited Provider #2201006, please do the following:
Go to:
Scroll down to Innovative Educational Services

Beginning June 1, 2017, individuals applying for a physical therapy license either by examination or endorsement, and licensees who are renewing their physical therapy license, are required to take the PT Board's new Texas Jurisprudence Assessment Module (TX JAM), which replaces both the JP Exam and the ethics/professional responsibility requirement.  

Copy and paste this link into your browser for information regarding the Texas JAM

Innovative Educational Services ( is a California Continuing Competency Approval Agency.  This means we are recognized by the Physical Therapy Board of California (PTBC) as an Approved Provider of Continuing Competency courses.  (The PTBC does not use a numbering system to identify Approved Providers.)  To verify that our company, Innovative Educational Services is an Approved Agency, please visit the PTBC website:

There is no mechanism in the California Board of Occupational Therapy Practice Act to approve CE courses. (Therefore, no CE provider can claim that their courses are "Approved" for California OT licensees.) The California OT Regulations state:
(b) Professional development activities acceptable to the board include, but are not limited to, programs or activities sponsored by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) or the Occupational Therapy Association of California; post-professional coursework completed through any approved or accredited educational institution that is not part of a course of study leading to an academic degree; or otherwise meet all of the following criteria:
(1) The program or activity contributes directly to professional knowledge, skill, and ability;
(2) The program or activity relates directly to the practice of occupational therapy; and
(3) The program or activity must be objectively measurable in terms of the hours involved.

To read the CA OT Regulations, go to:

Innovative Educational Services ( is an AOTA Approved Provider of Continuing Education; and all of our courses comply with California Occupational Therapy Continuing Competency Standards (California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Division 39, Article 7, Section 4161); and meet the regulatory requirements for issuance of California Occupational Therapy Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Innovative Educational Services strongly encourages all Georgia licensed PTs & PTAs to read Georgia PT Board Rule 490-4-.02 and Georgia PT Board Policy #7.

Georgia PT Board Policy #7        Rule 490-4-.02

To review this information, please go to the GA PT Board website:

Please note that all of the courses offered on are introductory level programs.  Georgia licensees should carefully review course instructional materials to ensure that the course they have chosen has content that extends beyond their present level of knowledge and competence as required by PT Board Rule 490-4-.02

The courses offered on are acceptable for:
1. Physical therapist assistants
2. Physical therapists with baccalaureate degrees
3. Physical therapists returning to practice after an extended period away from clinical care.
4. Physical therapists practicing in a new clinical environment
5. Physical therapists seeking information on topics that fall outside of their normal routine clinical experiences.

Introductory courses are NOT recommended for Georgia licensed physical therapists that have an advanced academic degree, clinical specialist certification, or substantial clinical experience in a setting that directly relates to a specific course topic.

The 4 hour Georgia Physical Therapy Ethics & Jurisprudence course offered on may be taken by ALL physical therapists and physical therapist assistants regardless of the licensee’s present level of knowledge and competence.

Georgia PT Board Policy #7 states that licensees may not exceed 10 credit hours per calendar day.

Yes! Texas licensed OTs & OTAs may take all of their continuing education on

The following Rules went into effect 7-1-16:

367.1. Continuing Education
(d) Definition of Continuing Education. Continuing education in this chapter is defined as professional development activities that are directly relevant to the profession of occupational therapy.
(f)  Educational activities that meet the criteria for continuing education as per this chapter that are approved or offered by the American Occupational Therapy Association or the Texas Occupational  Therapy Association are pre-approved by the Board.

367.2. Categories of Education
(a)(4)  Home study courses, educational teleconferences, Internet-based courses, and video instruction, no maximum.
          (A) These courses must have:
                (i) Specified learning objectives;
                (ii) A post-test; and
                (iii) A certificate of completion.
         (B) Educational teleconferences or Internet courses must reflect a pre-determined number of contact  hours.

Link to new TX OT Rules:

YES! Please read the following:

Occupational Therapy Board Rule 64B11-5.001, F.A.C., Requirements for License Renewal of an Active License; Continuing Education.

Interactive real-time courses - At least fourteen (14) of the required hours per biennium must be in person or from interactive, real-time courses. An interactive, real-time course may be a web-based, satellite transmitted, telephone or video conference, or online instruction program that allows or requires the licensee to interact in real time, including live chat, with the instructor during the presentation of the program.

What can Florida OT & OTA licensees do to satisfy the "Live" CE requirements? offers Florida OT Board approved LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINARS for Florida OTs & OTAs to obtain their 14 hours of "live" continuing education.

Yes. Illinois OTs & OTAs may take all of their continuing education on
Our company, Innovative Educational Services, is an Illinois Approved OT CE Sponsor.  The courses are NOT considered independent study (as defined by Illnois Administrative Code Section 1315.145b1) and the 4 hour maximum for independent study is NOT applicable to our courses.
To read the Illinois Administrative Code, go to:

Yes, the courses offered on meet the requirements of Alabama Administrative Code 700-X-2-.08, which states:  "The Board does not pre-approve continuing education providers, sponsors or individual programs. It is the licensee’s responsibility, using her/his professional judgment, to determine if the continuing education activities they complete are applicable, appropriate, and meet the requirements of the Board. All continuing education offerings, regardless of source will be accepted provided that it is directly related to the licensee’s practice of physical therapy and meets the following general guidelines."
(a) General Guidelines
1. Maintain, improve or expand skills or knowledge of the practice of physical therapy.
2. Contribute to the professional competency of the licensee by means of an organized activity with clearly described or outlined course content, dates or timelines for completion, and times of instruction or activity engagement expectations
3. Pertain to common subjects related to the practice of physical therapy and are based upon referenced scientific evidence; practice-based evidence; case studies; clearly identified anecdotal experience; current or proposed regulation of practice; accepted professional guidelines; policy documents; or best practices
4. Conducted by experts in the subject matter - individuals with special education, training, and experience,
5. Include stated program goals/objectives.
6. Identify target audience or describes prerequisite levels of experience
7. Describe requirements for successful progression or completion when using self- directed methods of learning (i.e., self-study, online, video, audio, teleconference, etc.). Self-directed methods of instruction may utilize a post-test but cannot result in a pass/fail grade.
8. Include a certificate or other sufficient proof of completion.

Verification of this information can be found at:

No. The Alzheimer's Disease course on is not intended to satisfy the Florida DOEA's Alzheimer's training requirement, and it should not be taken for this purpose.
To learn more about the Alzheimer's training that is required by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, please go to:

Below is a listing of the states that require licensees to take some portion of their mandatory CE via live presentation.

Florida PT - at least 12 hours live each licensure period
Florida OT - at least 14 hours live each licensure period
Florida Athletic Trainers - at least 14 hours live each licensure period
New York OT - at least 1/3 of total hours must be from non-self study activities
Oklahoma PT - at least 20 hours of Category A - Synchronous (Live) each licensure period
Oklahoma PTA - at least 15 hours of Category A - Synchronous (Live) each licensure period

All of the webinars on are approved as live interactive for Florida PT, OT & Athletic Trainers; Category A (synchronous) for Oklahoma PT; and non-self study (interactive live) for New York OT licensees.

The rules regarding continuing education are different for every profession in every state. The following is a list of some of the states' online CE limitations:
Arkansas PT - 50% maximum online; 
Illinois PT - 75% maximum self-study online (Live webinars are NOT classified as self-study, See FAQ #22); 
Louisiana PT - 50% maximum online; 
Maryland OT - 10 hours maximum online; 
Michigan OT - 50% maximum online; 
Mississippi OT - 7 hours maximum online; 
Utah PT - 50% maximum online;  
(If you do not see your state listed, you should review your state's current rules and regulations regarding this issue.)

All of the courses offered on (text-based, recorded video, and live webinars) are classified as "online" and are subject to the limitations listed above.

Yes. This means that all of the courses offered on are automatically accepted by the NBCOT and the OT Boards of the following states: AK, AR, DE, DC, FL, IL, IN, KY, LA, MD, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NV, NH, NM, NC, ND, NY, OH, OR, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, VT, VA.

What do I need to do to attend a webinar?
Register for the webinar at You will then instantly receive a confirmation email from us that includes a link for accessing the webinar.

What should I do if I can’t find the confirmation email?
Go to back to the course listing on
Click on the "Register Now" button
You will see the following:
"If you have already registered and can’t locate your registration confirmation email click here."

Do I need any special equipment or software?
No. Our broadcast platform works on almost all desktops, laptops, or tablets without any additional or special equipment or software (Apple iPad and iPhone users will automatically be directed to download an App).

What should I do if I have problems with the sound or video, or if I can’t log onto the site successfully?
Call our technical support line at 954-663-4101 or 954-305-4814. It is always our pleasure to assist you.

Is the instructor presenting the course live?
Yes. You are always watching and listening to a live presentation. The instructor is presenting the course live, in real time, as you are seeing and hearing it.

What will I see and hear on my electronic device during the webinar?
On your screen, you will see several distinct areas. In the first area you will see and hear the instructor. The second area shows the instructor’s Powerpoint presentation. The third area contains the live chat board.

How can I interact with the instructor?
A live chat board is continuously open and visible to the instructor and all participants throughout the presentation. You may ask questions or make comments at any time. 

Can the instructor or my fellow attendees see or hear me?
No. Neither the instructor nor the other attendees can see or hear you. (So feel free to put your feet up on your desk and watch in your pajamas. :)

Is this course approved by my state’s professional Board?
To review a listing of all course approval, please go to:

I am licensed in a state that requires live continuing education credits. Are the live interactive webinars on approved by my state as live continuing education?
Yes. All of the webinars offered by are approved as live interactive continuing education for Florida PT/PTA & OT/OTA; Oklahoma PT/PTA (Category A - synchronous); Tennessee PT/PTA live interactive (NOT online), and for New York OT/OTA (nonself-study interactive live). 

How can you verify my attendance at the course?
We are able to verify individual participant attendance using software that identifies the presence of your specific electronic device on our broadcast platform. We monitor and record the exact times that each participant enters and leaves the webinar.

Do I need to attend the entire webinar to receive credit?
Yes. Participants who miss more than 20 minutes of the webinar are not eligible for CE credits.

Where do I get the course notes?
The course notes are available on the website.
Go to:
Click on: “Continuing Education Courses”
Click on your profession.
Scroll down to the course title.
Click on: “pdf” button (to the right of the course title)

What do I need to do to get continuing education credits for this course?
1. Register for the course
2. Attend the entire course
3. Complete and pass the interactive post-test
4. Pay for the course before 11:59 PM the same day the course is presented

Where do I find the interactive post-test?
The interactive post-test will be available on immediately after the course ends.
Go to:
Click on: “Continuing Education Courses”
Click on your profession.
Scroll down to the specific course
Click on: “Take Course Post-Test” (to the right of course title)

How and when do I pay for the course?
After you pass the interactive post-test on, the website will progress you to the page where you will provide payment information. You may pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Are the website and payment system secure?
Yes. We use the most up-to-date encryption software to ensure the security of your information. We NEVER store or share your payment information. You will note that every time you make a purchase on it is necessary for you to re-type in your credit card number. This is because we do not save or store your credit card information anywhere in our system. 

How do I get my certificate of completion?
Immediately after you click to submit your payment, you will see two buttons on your screen. One says “Click here for Certificate”. The other says “Click here for Receipt”. Your certificate and receipt are always available to you. All you ever have to do to retrieve them is to go to and then click on the “Certificates & Receipts” button on the left side of the screen.

Does automatically report Florida licensees’ CE credits to CEBroker?
We automatically report all Florida licensees’ CE credits to CEBroker at 1:00 AM the day after the course.

Yes, Innovative Educational Services ( is a BOC Approved Provider of Category A Continuing Education.
Why are the live webinars for athletic trainers listed as BOC Category A and the Medical Errors home study course is listed as BOC Category D?
Innovative Educational Services is a BOC Approved Provider of Continuing Education (#P8858) and the live webinars we offer qualify as BOC Category A under that approval. The Medical Errors home study course is specifically designed to meet the Florida Athletic Training regulatory requirements and has been approved by the Florida Board of Athletic Training based on their designated criteria. The production of the Medical Errors course and the FL AT Board approval preceded our company’s acceptance as a BOC CE Provider and it is for this reason we designate the Course as BOC Category D.

Yes. automatically sends Florida licensees' course completion information to CEBroker at 1:00 AM each day.
Florida licensees MUST do the following to ensure that their information is posted correctly to CEBroker:
1. Select "Florida" as their state of licensure.
2. Provide us with their correct Florida license number which includes the profession's alpha prefix.

(Examples: PT1234, PTA2345, OT3456, OTA5678, MA6789, AL6789 (Do not use spaces, periods, or hyphens).

Note:  Although Innovative Educational Services reports Florida licensees' course completion information at 1:00 am each day, it may take CEBroker 2-3 days to post the course completion information to their database.

Each of our certificates/receipts opens in the same browser window.  Please be sure to close the the first certificate/receipt before clicking to view the second certificate/receipt.  You may also email us at to request that your documents be emailed to you in pdf.

Healthcare professionals licensed by the following Florida Boards must complete one hour of continuing education (CE) on human trafficking by January 1, 2021: Acupuncture, Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine, Podiatric Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing Home Administration, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics and Nutrition, Respiratory Care, Massage Therapy, and Physical Therapy. (Please Note: Athletic Training is NOT included in this list.)

To read more about the Human Trafficking requirement, please go to: 

A new law was passed in 2019 that requires Illinois DPR licensees to complete 1 hour of CE on the topic of sexual harassment prevention. This requirement is in effect for all renewals after January 1, 2020. This new CE requirement can be included in the number of hours already required and does not increase the number of hours required to renew a license.
For more information, go to: 

Illinois Administrative Code 1340.61(b)(3)(K): "Virtual attendance at live professional presentations, provided the participant is able to communicate in real time with the speaker and other participants.... shall NOT be considered self-study under subsection (b)(3)(E)." 

Live interactive webinars, such as those offered on, are NOT classified as self-study by the IL PT Board.
Llicensees may take an UNLIMITED number of live interactive webinar credit hours to fulfill their biannual CE requirement.

YES, The deadline for FL OT/OTA license renewal has been extended until June 30, 2021.  

"As part of the response efforts to the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID- 19), State Surgeon General Dr. Scott A. Rivkees issued Emergency Order 21-001 extending the licensure renewal expiration date until June 30, 2021 for any professional license issued by the Department with upcoming licensure renewal deadlines."

To verify this information, go to:

The University of Pittsburgh offers the mandatory Child Abuse course for FREE.
To access the free online program developed the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Pitt School of Social Work's Child Welfare Resource Center, go to: