User's Comments on End of Life II - Clinical Management - PT

Date: 2024-04-20 16:29:30
Comment: I'm not sure if there is a course out there already, but would be helpful as a PT to learn more about establishing goals and plan of care in hospice. I work in home health, but help cover hospice at times. I find it very difficult to write goals for hospice.
Date: 2024-04-06 23:38:56
Comment: amazing course
Date: 2024-04-01 08:58:34
Comment: n/a
Date: 2024-03-27 15:40:09
Comment: informative
Date: 2024-03-27 15:40:09
Comment: informative
Date: 2024-02-21 16:20:04
Comment: good information for acute care PT
Date: 2024-02-16 15:42:52
Comment: fine
Date: 2024-02-09 15:11:05
Comment: Very good course
Date: 2024-01-31 15:57:05
Comment: Love the convenience. Good information provided in an easy to follow format.
Date: 2024-01-01 14:04:11
Comment: n/a
Date: 2023-12-25 15:15:52
Comment: The cues for page numbers on the test questions were incorrect.
Date: 2023-11-25 21:58:29
Comment: Sad but informative.
Date: 2023-11-02 17:06:14
Comment: Very informative and clearly discussed.
Date: 2023-08-27 10:06:01
Comment: this was a very good course. i wish i had read it before both my Dad and BIL died recently it would have been very helpful to us all
Date: 2023-08-17 17:43:24
Comment: good job.
Date: 2023-08-14 20:38:01
Comment: super easy, great source of learning.
Date: 2023-07-29 11:45:05
Comment: Thank you.
Date: 2023-07-27 12:07:09
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2023-07-16 14:48:53
Comment: Very informative and relevant for all humans as well as health care providers
Date: 2023-07-04 11:21:37
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2023-06-25 16:30:47
Comment: Great course.
Date: 2023-06-17 20:21:49
Comment: Thanks
Date: 2023-05-23 20:52:59
Date: 2023-02-03 13:47:55
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2023-02-03 12:56:59
Comment: Thankyou!
Date: 2023-01-27 14:31:00
Date: 2023-01-14 18:39:16
Comment: Informative and effective learning experience!
Date: 2022-12-22 10:02:20
Comment: Very informative
Date: 2022-12-18 14:22:30
Comment: Hard to read and a lot of scientific jargon. If a lay person were to read this they would have a very hard time understanding everything.
Date: 2022-11-21 17:24:55
Comment: I enjoyed these End of Life courses more than I thought I would. Two lessons that made an impression were the futile therapy with the question of "who are we doing this for?", keeping in mind the centrality of the patient, and the fact that nutrition and hydration do not prolong survival in patients with end-stage disease. I learned a lot from these courses!
Date: 2022-11-21 16:58:32
Comment: I am asked to assess dying patients to suggest equipment and teach families. This information helps me do that without disrupting hospice care
Date: 2022-11-19 14:51:32
Comment: N/A
Date: 2022-09-29 01:17:45
Comment: Good Information. Thank You
Date: 2022-09-12 01:02:10
Comment: good course
Date: 2022-07-31 03:19:51
Comment: Excellent course. Very informative.
Date: 2022-06-28 11:31:31
Comment: Well-written and understandable; a great deal of information in a concise presentation.
Date: 2022-06-22 17:27:54
Comment: As stated in the comments for End of Life 1, I am a physical therapist and a pastor. So, this information is valuable for both professions.
Date: 2022-05-22 15:13:57
Comment: Very informative course!
Date: 2022-03-31 01:59:15
Date: 2022-03-25 17:42:36
Comment: very informative
Date: 2022-01-25 02:31:44
Comment: Both End Life One and Two were very helpful. Thank You
Date: 2021-12-28 17:20:15
Comment: This course was very helpful. I just started working in a LTAC and the information in this course has been very informative.
Date: 2021-12-21 15:04:56
Comment: Recommend all PT/PTAs take End of Life 1 & 11-well presented & truly informative.
Date: 2021-12-19 14:55:53
Comment: very informative
Date: 2021-12-05 23:01:05
Comment: Very informative
Date: 2021-11-22 11:47:10
Comment: Great coursed
Date: 2021-11-18 10:59:39
Comment: Thank you for this information to assist me in the event of having a home health client at the end of life
Date: 2021-11-14 16:37:44
Comment: very insightful class
Date: 2021-11-06 14:40:45
Comment: Very helpful in acute care setting with treating Covid patients for 24 months and the process of death.
Date: 2021-10-25 11:52:38
Comment: convenient
Date: 2021-10-03 20:58:14
Date: 2021-09-27 21:50:27
Comment: informative information that can be used in my setting
Date: 2021-09-25 11:39:06
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2021-09-25 10:06:08
Comment: Thank you beautifully written!
Date: 2021-09-21 19:11:50
Comment: Very informative and the information can be used in both personal and professional applications.
Date: 2021-09-06 21:18:14
Comment: Very comprehensive but clear and concise course.
Date: 2021-09-01 09:27:19
Comment: na
Date: 2021-07-18 14:09:42
Comment: Very informative. Thank you.
Date: 2021-07-13 18:15:37
Comment: I wish I had had this information when my Husband was dying. I believe I will find this material very helpful in my Future. Thanks!
Date: 2021-07-06 12:07:25
Comment: none
Date: 2021-06-26 22:02:22
Comment: Interesting and informative
Date: 2021-05-19 10:06:41
Comment: Would be helpful if case scenarios were included to assist the therapist in managing possible pnt/CG issues.
Date: 2021-03-21 12:26:20
Comment: none
Date: 2021-02-23 16:40:33
Comment: Good information
Date: 2021-02-15 11:35:09
Comment: Helpful information in how to treat those and resources needed in this stage of life.
Date: 2021-02-11 12:36:23
Comment: Very informative
Date: 2021-01-06 13:32:59
Comment: good course
Date: 2021-01-02 10:56:32
Comment: Thought provoking and well written. Thank you.
Date: 2020-12-30 23:09:11
Comment: Great course.
Date: 2020-12-21 19:16:31
Comment: This information isn’t relevant to my work setting but relevant to my personal life. Thank you for this class.
Date: 2020-12-12 12:55:35
Comment: Excellent course... Thank you!
Date: 2020-12-09 12:41:30
Comment: Having just experienced hospice and death of my father in law 4 months ago, I was able to enjoy and understand this course a bit better, and hopefully will make me a better therapist and an advocate for friends going through family members dying.
Date: 2020-11-29 10:29:59
Comment: Very informative.
Date: 2020-11-22 17:05:29
Comment: I enjoyed the class, I learned a lot .
Date: 2020-10-27 16:13:33
Comment: Fantastic
Date: 2020-09-16 12:44:05
Comment: thank you
Date: 2020-09-07 18:53:19
Comment: Very Informative.
Date: 2020-08-28 04:23:38
Comment: Very good two part course. Having watched my dad go through this while home on Hospice, the course made it clearer , esp. knowing some of the sounds were normal.
Date: 2020-05-29 00:06:50
Comment: Great course!!
Date: 2020-04-15 12:47:20
Comment: THis course hit close to home as I lost my MOther a year ago. I found it very calming to me at this time..... well done!
Date: 2020-04-01 20:43:38
Comment: thank you for this class
Date: 2020-04-01 17:20:28
Comment: great, relevant info
Date: 2020-03-31 21:54:13
Comment: This course was extremely informative. As a physical therapist, I know I have treated pt's considering or just starting hospice. I had forgotten or not really considered that physical therapists can be an integral part of the hospice team at home. As I see this covid crisis occuring, this class has triggered me to contact home hospice companies to see how I can be of help in this specialized area. Aging in place is my passion.
Date: 2020-03-02 23:51:55
Comment: easy and efficient
Date: 2020-02-24 22:21:10
Comment: very informative , thank you
Date: 2020-01-28 18:55:54
Comment: excellent
Date: 2020-01-28 17:07:49
Comment: Great information.
Date: 2020-01-12 20:53:54
Comment: Excellent course materials!
Date: 2020-01-09 22:19:07
Comment: Thank You!!
Date: 2019-12-05 15:19:56
Comment: Good information
Date: 2019-11-22 23:00:31
Comment: thank you
Date: 2019-11-08 16:09:31
Comment: you guys are the best!
Date: 2019-09-30 16:06:58
Comment: Great info
Date: 2019-09-30 15:57:01
Comment: Great info
Date: 2019-09-08 17:50:43
Comment: educational and very informative
Date: 2019-09-07 20:13:13
Comment: Excellent, informative course. Applicable to my professional and personal circumstances. Learned some new things, had current knowledge confirmed, and dispelled some false beliefs.
Date: 2019-08-25 23:05:54
Comment: will soon be very helpful. unfortunately
Date: 2019-08-21 19:24:47
Comment: Good and thorough coarse. Clear and applicable information.
Date: 2019-08-10 13:42:23
Comment: Great course. I work in the SNF setting, so very applicable in my work as a PTA.
Date: 2019-07-04 15:36:13
Comment: Very informative and can relate from own experiences
Date: 2019-06-24 16:30:58
Date: 2019-06-24 13:47:32
Comment: Excellent clinical perspective.
Date: 2019-06-11 10:42:18
Comment: Great course. I work in a LTC facility and this is great info.
Date: 2019-06-09 18:07:21
Comment: Excellent Course. Very useful information.
Date: 2019-06-04 19:51:43
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2019-05-15 04:31:27
Comment: I am happy
Date: 2019-04-25 01:18:06
Comment: Very helpful and informative.
Date: 2019-03-26 15:52:15
Comment: convenient and educational
Date: 2019-03-13 00:42:59
Comment: Thumbs up.
Date: 2019-02-14 22:51:23
Comment: Good course. Thank you for writing it.
Date: 2019-02-12 13:17:15
Comment: Very informative!
Date: 2019-02-02 19:36:50
Comment: would like to hear of most recent research/statisics & laws for different states/countries- thx
Date: 2019-01-26 17:03:23
Comment: good info for the patient population I work with!
Date: 2019-01-07 19:57:18
Comment: A very interesting look into the process of dying
Date: 2018-12-30 20:18:04
Comment: good
Date: 2018-12-27 22:23:51
Comment: Clear and concise
Date: 2018-12-24 01:49:50
Comment: To the point and precise.
Date: 2018-12-16 15:44:38
Comment: Serve its purpose
Date: 2018-12-08 14:24:17
Comment: very informative
Date: 2018-11-30 01:12:25
Comment: Very good informative course!
Date: 2018-10-31 13:15:59
Comment: Very informative
Date: 2018-10-29 17:40:15
Comment: I liked the level II course more than the level I course. I felt I could see more ways to apply the information in my practice. I may not have understood the level II course without taking the level I first but this was certainly applicable to my practice.
Date: 2018-10-08 20:45:38
Comment: good course, tough but challenging questions
Date: 2018-08-11 14:25:34
Comment: good
Date: 2018-07-31 14:32:17
Comment: good information about clinical management concerns of End of Life issues
Date: 2018-05-22 12:12:50
Comment: very informative
Date: 2018-03-11 23:56:34
Comment: Interesting and valuable information regarding characteristics and needs of the dying patient.
Date: 2018-02-24 21:29:28
Comment: i appreciate this information
Date: 2018-01-18 23:18:03
Comment: great
Date: 2018-01-16 00:13:37
Comment: Good course
Date: 2018-01-13 17:28:09
Comment: great course
Date: 2018-01-13 17:01:08
Comment: great
Date: 2017-12-19 14:29:32
Comment: Difficult subject to address but professionally done!
Date: 2017-12-19 10:48:29
Comment: This course was very in depth about the dying process and offered good clinical evidence to recognize the dying process. As well as tangible communication to offer between the professional and the care giver allowing the PTA to bridge a total team effort.
Date: 2017-12-14 17:52:27
Comment: Very helpful my Mother in law is dying from Mesothelioma and on hospice
Date: 2017-12-03 13:05:02
Comment: Excellent
Date: 2017-11-25 18:29:15
Comment: Thank you. This course was very informative.
Date: 2017-11-20 20:08:55
Comment: very helpful in understanding more in depth death and dying
Date: 2017-11-14 12:29:13
Comment: When suggesting to a patient or family that they might want to look into the benefits of hospice to see how they might assist the family either soon or down the road, the word hospice is usually met with a gloomy outlook. I was happy to see that this course touched on that. There are many services hospices can provide for patients. I work as a home health PT, and most patients do prefer to die at home, and hospice can provide those palliative measure for the patient, family, friends, and caregivers. Such a valuable resource!
Date: 2017-10-10 13:08:44
Comment: very informative
Date: 2017-06-26 18:03:44
Comment: very good follow up to the first part of the course.
Date: 2017-06-06 21:47:35
Comment: I work in skilled nursing facililties and encourage palliative care consults for Life care planning
Date: 2017-06-04 10:13:23
Comment: Very interesting and informative!
Date: 2017-05-20 17:57:44
Comment: great course
Date: 2017-05-17 21:23:51
Comment: Appreciate the information for the PT in hospice care. Its rare to find!
Date: 2017-03-25 18:54:46
Comment: A course suited to my profession in Physical Therapy.
Date: 2017-03-25 11:16:53
Comment: Several months ago we experienced hospice and death of a family member and all of this information would have been extremely helpful at that time. This would be helpful information for PTs in all clinical settings as well.
Date: 2017-03-19 23:08:41
Comment: very informative
Date: 2017-02-05 17:08:56
Comment: Very relevant to patient population that I work with.
Date: 2017-02-03 07:34:02
Comment: Great!
Date: 2017-01-29 21:27:41
Comment: Very informative, a lot of good material to know for all practicing therapists.
Date: 2017-01-24 13:44:44
Comment: It was very convenient to access and to acquire the last few ceus needed prior to renewal of licensure. Thank you very much
Date: 2017-01-18 21:46:42
Comment: Informative
Date: 2016-12-29 01:04:54
Comment: Very interesting.
Date: 2016-12-28 23:48:28
Comment: good material
Date: 2016-12-27 22:20:04
Comment: Nicely presented- very useful. Will be referring to the print-up I made of the course.
Date: 2016-12-14 18:00:28
Comment: Thanks again for offering these courses!
Date: 2016-12-11 15:02:55
Comment: I would like to know more about when P.T. is indicated for terminally ill patients who do not have rehab potential or other topics related to P.T. with FTT patients/rehab.
Date: 2016-11-30 11:08:51
Comment: Generally very good. I was not familiar with some of the medications named, and could have used a bit more info on that.
Date: 2016-11-13 15:37:00
Comment: I read this course as a PT and caregiver to an aging parent, who lives with me under hospice care. She was given 6-12 months to live, 2 years ago. I found the course helpful. I did comment on the initial end of life course, (the other one" but I found it to be dry, and not helpful. This course was much better, and more relevant.
Date: 2016-10-04 22:20:50
Comment: This is a great follow up course to EOL I. Although the topic is sensitive it is good to have such knowledge in order to be able to assist others through difficult processes like this. Thanks for offering these courses.
Date: 2016-09-30 17:29:14
Comment: love your courses and your so easy to use website!! v
Date: 2016-09-13 23:37:34
Comment: Very informative
Date: 2016-06-19 15:03:37
Comment: Very informative and relative to personal needs. Very glad the test indicates which answers are correct or not.
Date: 2016-05-05 17:00:29
Comment: interesting subject
Date: 2016-05-05 17:00:14
Comment: interseting
Date: 2016-03-27 22:14:01
Comment: I work at a SNF - very helpful information. Can you do a course on anorexia, more cardiovascular conditions? Thank you.
Date: 2016-01-24 17:11:58
Comment: good course
Date: 2016-01-08 13:03:05
Comment: Course was very informative
Date: 2015-12-13 15:57:48
Comment: My Dad recently passed away from Alzheimer's Disease - he spent the last 2 months of his life at a SNF. We had Hospice involved during the last 9 months of his life. He passed "along the good" road - Thanks to Hospice, the Medical Team Members, Religious Visits from my Dad's choice of his specific Individual Chaplain and Fantastic Family Support & Understanding Network. After taking this course - I am even more relieved at what I had already thought but now know - My Dad had a "Good" End of Life Experience! Thank You So Very Much for adding this Course!!! Happy & Safe Holidays to You & Yours, Mr Niss!!!
Date: 2015-12-04 11:48:42
Comment: Good and helpful presentation of conflicts and values, and risk: benefits. This is all very pertinent to physical therapy.
Date: 2015-09-24 13:34:44
Comment: very helpful
Date: 2015-09-01 15:21:02
Comment: It was very relevant to my elderly home health population I see. Thank you for this course.
Date: 2015-07-14 16:08:27
Comment: Great Value
Date: 2015-04-20 22:02:54
Comment: Helped me a lot on how to carefully provide care that is only appropriate to my terminally ill patients.
Date: 2015-03-24 18:55:17
Comment: Great course!
Date: 2015-03-20 01:12:27
Comment: Good detail
Date: 2015-03-17 17:12:50
Comment: Would recommend
Date: 2015-03-04 20:47:31
Comment: very informative
Date: 2015-02-23 10:42:28
Comment: lots of detail...tough to read in parts
Date: 2015-02-08 16:36:36
Comment: Great!
Date: 2015-01-22 11:55:10
Comment: Well done. I had difficulty w/my computer and was afraid to try,but w/your help I was able to download and copy with more assurance. Thanks
Date: 2015-01-13 20:35:31
Comment: Very interesting and informative. Thank you for making this course affordable and easily available
Date: 2014-12-31 13:06:13
Comment: awesome course
Date: 2014-12-30 21:39:29
Comment: Very informative.
Date: 2014-12-30 20:12:00
Comment: My dad is going through end of life so this was very helpful.
Date: 2014-12-06 17:31:49
Comment: Great clinical info. Relevant to anyone that works with the elderly.
Date: 2014-11-16 18:10:10
Comment: Good Course
Date: 2014-10-10 02:25:59
Comment: Informative!
Date: 2014-10-02 14:06:44
Comment: Good stuff to know!
Date: 2014-09-17 22:42:43
Comment: Keep up the good work of providing very good courses for our profession and a reasonable price and ease of use of your web site.
Date: 2014-09-11 14:02:27
Comment: This course made me much more familiar with a topic that I have to deal with in my work environment and hopefully I will be able to use what I learned to help my patients and their family members as well as other team members become more knowledgeable about end of life issues.
Date: 2014-09-05 18:34:22
Comment: Very informative - thanks!
Date: 2014-07-10 19:29:40
Comment: Great resource for end of life management
Date: 2014-06-27 23:51:34
Comment: My emotional response to reading the course materials surprised me. As I realized how I have observed several people go through the process (though in all my years of practice I have never been present as a person actually transitioned from life to death)I found myself weeping (something that I have never allowed myself to do in the presence of those in the midst of transition). Wow. Powerful!
Date: 2014-06-09 09:28:55
Comment: a section on how physical therapy can be applied in the setting of palliative and hospice care. really a crucial piece that was missed. many new grads struggled on this subject
Date: 2014-06-07 22:41:40
Comment: This course was very informative. Especially the information about dehydration at end of life. Usually I is bad but not necessarily in this case.
Date: 2014-05-10 15:18:31
Comment: some of the questions should be more specific to material presented rather than choice That is too easily not fact but individual understanding of question
Date: 2014-04-05 15:24:57
Comment: Very informative. I learned a lot.
Date: 2014-03-19 11:33:14
Comment: Informative.
Date: 2014-01-30 16:21:45
Comment: Really enjoyed this course, understanding the process helps me be a better caregiver/therapist for End of Life questions from family members
Date: 2014-01-27 00:06:44
Comment: Very interesting
Date: 2014-01-26 23:56:26
Comment: Very interesting and easy to read
Date: 2013-11-27 10:01:22
Comment: Best course I have taken yet, enjoyed the reading
Date: 2013-11-27 09:55:58
Comment: My favorite course yet, really enjoyed reading it.
Date: 2013-10-25 20:08:32
Comment: thank you; informative
Date: 2013-10-22 12:34:40
Comment: good information.
Date: 2013-09-18 20:24:03
Comment: best I have read-very informative
Date: 2013-07-30 16:50:26
Comment: Good
Date: 2013-06-11 17:17:48
Comment: A good followup to End of Life I
Date: 2013-05-25 23:27:21
Comment: Very useful and helpful information. Gives me more perspective on the death and dying process for all parties involved.
Date: 2013-05-25 12:25:25
Comment: thank you.
Date: 2013-05-07 22:28:32
Comment: thanks
Date: 2013-03-24 11:25:41
Comment: This is a wonderful course, I would recommend it to everyone who works with patients.
Date: 2013-03-16 22:54:55
Comment: Informative!
Date: 2013-03-05 21:22:36
Comment: Good Adjunct to End of life I
Date: 2013-02-22 16:27:34
Comment: It might be worthwhile for the teacher to review how therapists answer questions that they get wrong and then reread the text to see if there's something unclear either about the text or the questions.
Date: 2013-02-18 23:45:16
Comment: Thank you! Philip
Date: 2013-02-16 10:42:26
Comment: Hospice care must include physical therapy? Is this true? Is this state dependent?
Date: 2013-01-14 14:41:34
Comment: very clear and concise course Thank You
Date: 2013-01-06 19:12:27
Comment: Thank you for this necessary and convenient option. I am truly greatful.
Date: 2012-12-31 20:33:39
Comment: Good content,instills more compassion in therapists and caregivers.
Date: 2012-12-25 19:09:51
Comment: My wife is terminal. This was helpful to me. Thank you.
Date: 2012-12-22 10:08:28
Comment: Enjoyed learning about an area which I did not know much. Easy to read and learn. Thankful for the convenience of home.
Date: 2012-12-11 16:47:52
Comment: Great course
Date: 2012-11-30 18:38:50
Comment: excellent course
Date: 2012-10-24 16:50:34
Comment: Thanks fora informative course!
Date: 2012-08-18 13:23:46
Comment: Good follow. Helpful to absorb this info when totally removed from the situation.
Date: 2012-07-31 00:04:48
Comment: Excellent course. I am a retired PT. I wish I had taken this course thirty years ago.
Date: 2012-06-23 20:08:09
Comment: I really got a lot out of both course 1 & 2... thank you.
Date: 2012-06-06 20:22:06
Comment: thanks
Date: 2012-06-06 20:21:58
Comment: thanks
Date: 2012-06-03 03:02:10
Comment: Interesting and informative.
Date: 2012-04-05 16:42:51
Comment: Easy to read and understand.
Date: 2012-01-31 00:36:23
Comment: difficult material to read about, but necessary to know
Date: 2012-01-09 16:40:55
Comment: Thanks
Date: 2011-12-29 00:12:04
Comment: it might be helpful to provide the 'brand name' of the medications discussed to further ease of understanding
Date: 2011-12-18 16:45:03
Comment: Very good course
Date: 2011-12-14 11:19:20
Comment: Thank You!
Date: 2011-12-07 13:52:48
Comment: Great course!! Very informative!
Date: 2011-11-29 11:54:31
Comment: Wonderful and informative
Date: 2011-11-15 15:54:31
Comment: I really found this helpful as a PT in geriatrics and as an adult with elderly parents.
Date: 2011-11-11 17:53:40
Comment: Would have like rationale for PT services in Hospice.
Date: 2011-10-30 22:26:36
Comment: Interesting and informative.
Date: 2011-10-03 23:01:49
Comment: Excellent Course.
Date: 2011-09-15 18:51:44
Comment: I deal with this type of scenerio, and it comforting to have a good base of knowledgfe as a PT to be able to assist where I can in the end of life process.
Date: 2011-09-12 13:18:05
Comment: Great information for those who work in Hospice or SNF's. Thanks!
Date: 2011-08-18 17:27:20
Comment: Excellent
Date: 2011-08-10 02:44:59
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2011-08-09 07:56:33
Comment: Excellent information for understanding many of the more subtle problems/situations that may be presented.
Date: 2011-07-29 23:46:15
Comment: I accidentally clicked yes on the anecdotal question on previous courses on depression and End of Life 1. Should have clicked no as both courses were well-done and factual.
Date: 2011-06-23 19:54:20
Comment: The information presented in this course is vital to all practicing clinicians or anyone with a loved one with a terminal illness.
Date: 2011-06-11 10:15:33
Comment: concise and clear
Date: 2011-05-07 23:35:14
Comment: I found it to be very interesting
Date: 2011-04-09 17:46:51
Comment: interesting and informative
Date: 2011-04-02 08:34:22
Comment: Everyone should read this!
Date: 2011-03-09 19:28:13
Comment: Some repetitive information, but overall good course.
Date: 2011-02-04 09:17:59
Comment: More courses for physical therapy are needed. This is very convenient.
Date: 2011-01-22 09:02:27
Comment: Great Job!!!! I work in a hospice setting and this is the best literature I have read yet!!!!
Date: 2011-01-13 07:07:11
Comment: Being new to the Oncology unit this information will help me with the care and support I give.Thanks
Date: 2011-01-09 15:56:23
Comment: Well presented and useful
Date: 2010-12-31 18:35:03
Comment: A great course that can be used on both personal and professional basis.
Date: 2010-12-31 15:01:50
Comment: thank you
Date: 2010-12-22 10:52:56
Comment: good infor for clinicians and helpful to assist pts. and families during this difficult time.
Date: 2010-12-21 23:33:52
Comment: Good course, need more PT courses.
Date: 2010-12-19 17:11:53
Comment: Excellent course for therapists working in Geriatric population.
Date: 2010-12-14 11:36:27
Comment: thanks
Date: 2010-12-13 13:48:17
Comment: very informative and useful
Date: 2010-11-16 15:11:24
Comment: Excellent information. Thank you for an extremely efficient, cost-effective alternative to continuing education courses!
Date: 2010-11-15 17:35:06
Comment: Like the feedback on the test, but don't like the way you have changed the listing of the answers (liked the column of A,B,C,D better). Also like having the survey right after the test results.
Date: 2010-10-29 11:06:00
Comment: Very insightful.
Date: 2010-08-26 08:06:38
Comment: I really enjoyed this course. The information was concise and the price is very affordable.