User's Comments on Lower Limb Amputation & Prostheses - PT

Date: 2021-01-10 16:17:03
Comment: These courses are very convenient especially during this time of the pandemic. Looking forward for more new live courses later this year! God Bless!
Date: 2021-01-10 14:57:13
Comment: Jodie Gootkin, PT was a wonderful instructor.
Date: 2021-01-10 14:37:09
Comment: Great course, but Would like to see more classes with clinical applications
Date: 2021-01-10 14:30:52
Comment: Very informative course
Date: 2021-01-10 13:58:06
Comment: This was my first live webinar. I would do it again
Date: 2021-01-10 13:51:52
Comment: I’m very pleased with this course! Instructor was terrific on this subject
Date: 2021-01-10 13:41:54
Comment: Great course.
Date: 2021-01-10 13:41:11
Comment: Presenter is very knowledgeable about the subject and spoke in a clear and understandable tone. I will definitely recommend this course and instructor to other therapists!
Date: 2021-01-10 13:31:10
Comment: I’ve enjoyed all these live courses and the price can’t be beat!
Date: 2021-01-10 13:29:54
Comment: Love Jodi Courses, she is a very good instructor and good at maintaining my attention.
Date: 2021-01-10 13:29:27
Comment: informative, good CEU
Date: 2021-01-10 13:26:40
Comment: useful info
Date: 2021-01-10 13:26:35
Comment: Good information
Date: 2021-01-10 13:24:40
Comment: Great speaker, in depth knowledge on the subject made it more interesting.
Date: 2021-01-10 13:13:42
Comment: Jodi is always so pleasant to listen to, AND, her information is very good & easy to understand.
Date: 2021-01-10 13:08:40
Comment: Good content
Date: 2021-01-10 13:08:24
Comment: Excellent instructor with valuable information!
Date: 2021-01-10 13:08:14
Comment: Very informative and easy get logged on and follow along. I would love alternative days/times for other courses.
Date: 2021-01-10 13:05:41
Comment: Always love these course-- only wish there were more of them, more dates and more topics. Thanks!
Date: 2021-01-10 13:04:16
Comment: wonderful course, very informative. Can't wait to take more courses that Jodi presents!
Date: 2020-08-16 22:04:38
Comment: great info
Date: 2020-08-16 20:16:23
Comment: This was my favorite course that I have taken this year! Jodi Gootkin does a very good job of researching current and historical information on the topic.
Date: 2020-08-16 20:11:21
Comment: Excellent presentation. Thank you for being lively and personable.
Date: 2020-08-16 16:21:46
Comment: Jodi is a wonderful presenter and I throughly enjoy her classes and learn so much!
Date: 2020-08-16 15:20:36
Comment: I really learned a lot from this course. Thanks Jodi!
Date: 2020-08-16 15:17:59
Comment: I learned so much from this course. Thanks Jodi, you’re the best. !!
Date: 2020-08-16 15:12:56
Comment: Awesome course, good research into the subject matter. Thanks Jodi
Date: 2020-08-16 15:01:28
Comment: Great presenter!
Date: 2020-08-16 14:53:41
Comment: The presenter was interesting, lively and kept the course from being boring. I have attended courses where the instructor was dry and stuck strictly to written script making it hard to concentrate and maintain attention to the speaker. I especially appreciate the resource list in addition to the references. I look forward to attending future courses from Jodi Gootkin.
Date: 2020-08-16 13:30:37
Comment: Ms. Gootkin is a great instructor. Well done!
Date: 2020-08-16 13:27:18
Comment: This course was great and has information that I will be able to use in the inpatient rehab setting where I work. The instructor was knowledgeable on the subject and and covered the information thoroughly. I would definitely take a course taught by her in the future.
Date: 2020-08-16 13:23:13
Comment: The information was very informative and made me have a better understanding of what my patients go through and how to help them progress and how answer their questions with evidence based practice.
Date: 2020-08-16 13:15:56
Comment: Excellent!
Date: 2020-08-16 13:14:33
Comment: Jodi did an excellent job.Great course!. Thank you so much.
Date: 2020-08-16 13:14:01
Comment: Excellent !
Date: 2020-08-16 13:12:38
Comment: Thank you! I enjoyed this course.
Date: 2020-08-16 13:11:49
Comment: Thank you for a great course! Hope you add more new ones in the future.
Date: 2020-08-16 13:11:23
Comment: Jodi Fabulous JOB Enjoy your Presentations Asset to our Profession
Date: 2020-08-16 13:11:08
Comment: Love this format. Great presentation. Thanks!
Date: 2020-08-16 13:10:57
Comment: good
Date: 2020-08-16 13:10:48
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2020-08-16 13:10:36
Comment: Jodi is the best
Date: 2020-08-16 13:10:11
Comment: N/A
Date: 2020-08-16 13:10:06
Comment: Great class
Date: 2020-08-16 13:09:56
Comment: I would highly recommend this course and format.
Date: 2020-08-16 13:08:58
Comment: Excellent course
Date: 2020-08-16 13:05:43
Comment: This course and the facilitator was exceptional.
Date: 2020-08-16 13:05:19
Date: 2020-08-16 13:03:46
Comment: awesome content, thank you so much!!!!
Date: 2020-08-16 13:03:34
Comment: Fantastic!
Date: 2020-08-16 13:03:14
Comment: Very good information that pertains to our field. Enjoyed the presentation! I look forward to the next class!
Date: 2020-08-16 13:02:55
Comment: Thanks, Jodi!!!
Date: 2020-08-16 13:01:29
Comment: Excellent
Date: 2019-12-15 22:32:10
Comment: love the convenience of these courses!
Date: 2019-12-15 22:11:20
Comment: I love the live webinars for catagory A courses!! I would love to see some new courses in the future that cover different material than this year.
Date: 2019-12-15 22:10:16
Comment: Good Course
Date: 2019-12-15 19:46:16
Comment: Good info on all the different prosthesis and measurement scales. Wish there were slides on specific rehab protocol (sets, reps, exercises, stretches) for rehab of amputees and addressing the muscle imbalances of amputees.
Date: 2019-12-15 14:25:51
Comment: This is the third course I have seen presented by this instructor. She is excellent.
Date: 2019-12-15 13:30:40
Comment: Great Info!!!!
Date: 2019-12-15 13:28:11
Comment: My first webinar and this was great!!!
Date: 2019-12-15 13:11:51
Comment: This course was extremely helpful. Had no idea about the muscle and tendon transfers physicians are using. So cool, and helpful with good ambulation.
Date: 2019-12-15 13:09:34
Comment: Judi G. presents her material very clearly, concisely and uses interesting research in this seminar. She is an excellent instructor! Thanks again!!!
Date: 2019-12-15 13:08:51
Comment: I wish that there was a section added for some exercises for different stages of recovery instead of only things like mirror therapy.
Date: 2019-12-15 13:07:32
Comment: Informative and convenient.
Date: 2019-12-15 13:07:14
Comment: Some new information
Date: 2019-12-15 13:06:58
Comment: Instructor uses proper medical terminology and is very fluid with coursework
Date: 2019-12-15 13:06:28
Comment: none
Date: 2019-12-15 13:06:03
Comment: Very informative
Date: 2019-12-15 13:05:32
Comment: n/a
Date: 2019-12-15 13:04:50
Comment: Excellent instructor
Date: 2019-12-15 13:04:42
Comment: Awesome !!!
Date: 2019-12-15 13:03:42
Comment: Good coarse
Date: 2019-12-15 13:02:16
Comment: Instructor did a great job with presentation!
Date: 2019-11-16 21:58:37
Comment: Loved it !
Date: 2019-11-16 21:22:26
Comment: The instructor is very clear and concise with her information and is very good to answer any questions anyone may have. She is very easy to listen to and makes the class interesting.
Date: 2019-11-16 20:55:37
Comment: Very informative!
Date: 2019-11-16 20:26:45
Comment: Suggestion of Friday evening class from 6-9pm
Date: 2019-11-16 19:50:21
Comment: great instructor
Date: 2019-11-16 19:31:42
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2019-11-16 18:47:49
Comment: The instructor is wonderful . I always enjoy her courses
Date: 2019-11-16 18:08:03
Comment: Always love Jodi’s courses, material and so convenient for a busy PT!!!
Date: 2019-11-16 17:53:19
Comment: Great course, great instructor!
Date: 2019-11-16 17:47:03
Comment: wonderful
Date: 2019-11-16 17:35:25
Comment: Look forward to my next licensing period and taking more courses with Jodi! I’ve been a PTA for 28 years and the courses with Jodi have been by far the most beneficial courses I’ve taken. Education given is information I can use immediately.
Date: 2019-11-16 17:10:28
Comment: Great course.
Date: 2019-11-16 16:54:36
Comment: Great course! Very informative!
Date: 2019-11-16 16:31:50
Comment: very thourough
Date: 2019-11-16 14:57:55
Comment: Jodi does an amazing job at providing information gathered from evidence based practice.
Date: 2019-11-16 14:57:29
Comment: Great course and I look forward to your future courses.
Date: 2019-11-16 14:54:59
Comment: very helpful and informative
Date: 2019-11-16 14:45:26
Comment: Excellent instructor
Date: 2019-11-16 14:12:01
Comment: 100% - THANK YOU!!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:46:49
Comment: I lost connection on my mobile device several times during the course but it restarted easily once I went to my email and clicked "join now" again. I did not have any trouble on my desktop.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:44:23
Comment: I like it
Date: 2019-11-16 13:42:52
Comment: great
Date: 2019-11-16 13:29:48
Comment: Such a great experience; I will highly recommend to colleagues.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:28:52
Comment: Very informative!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:28:11
Comment: Very well presented and thoroughly enjoyed Jodi's presentation.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:25:16
Comment: very good course.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:25:04
Comment: Great presentation/speaker
Date: 2019-11-16 13:21:17
Comment: the instructor was clear and added more content to the seminar with good explanations for each prosthetic relating it to therapy treatment.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:20:52
Comment: Loved the class the information was very new and up to date learned alot. Thank you Jodi
Date: 2019-11-16 13:20:13
Comment: enjoyed the wound care portion
Date: 2019-11-16 13:17:25
Comment: Great information
Date: 2019-11-16 13:16:21
Comment: Very informative lecture
Date: 2019-11-16 13:15:05
Comment: Instructor is very thorough and informative on the subject. Love cheap CEUs
Date: 2019-11-16 13:14:32
Comment: Would take another course
Date: 2019-11-16 13:14:20
Comment: Great presentation.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:13:58
Comment: Jody is thorough and presents information very well. Thanks!!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:13:18
Comment: Again an awesome job.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:13:01
Comment: great class very informative
Date: 2019-11-16 13:12:25
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2019-11-16 13:10:44
Comment: thank you
Date: 2019-11-16 13:10:41
Comment: Very good
Date: 2019-11-16 13:10:40
Comment: greast instructor
Date: 2019-11-16 13:10:27
Comment: Very informative and speaker presented course in a organized manner. I will recommend for anyone needing either CEU's or knowledge in this area. Thank you!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:10:24
Comment: good as always
Date: 2019-11-16 13:10:21
Comment: very good instructor
Date: 2019-11-16 13:10:03
Comment: I have taken numerous courses and Jodi is awesome! She is so knowledgeable! Thank you for having these live Webinars. Happy Holidays
Date: 2019-11-16 13:09:40
Comment: presenter got a little fast with the slides in the middle portion of the course maybe she was running behind-overall very good course
Date: 2019-11-16 13:09:38
Comment: Great job
Date: 2019-11-16 13:09:33
Comment: great course instructor
Date: 2019-11-16 13:09:23
Comment: Great
Date: 2019-11-16 13:08:55
Comment: very informative
Date: 2019-11-16 13:08:19
Comment: Excellent instructor!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:08:00
Comment: Good content. Speaker did go a little fast towards the end.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:07:54
Comment: Excellent Course, and very educational. Thoroughly enjoyed this course!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:07:40
Comment: I love this teacher!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:07:39
Comment: Great Instructor
Date: 2019-11-16 13:07:37
Comment: Thank you for current review and presentation of relevant research! Excellent course.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:07:37
Comment: Very interesting and knowledgeable about new advancements and upcoming microprocessors, robotics and new approaches to amputation surgeries, thank you very much
Date: 2019-11-16 13:07:22
Comment: great instructor very energetic and holds our attention. awesome class.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:07:19
Comment: Very informative. Great instructor.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:07:10
Comment: Wow! Such great, cutting-edge and practical information shared. Love that it is all reference-based info.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:06:52
Comment: Great course!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:06:50
Comment: My favorite place for CEU's!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:05:44
Comment: Excellent presenter and presentation!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:05:35
Comment: great COURSE
Date: 2019-11-16 13:05:19
Comment: V
Date: 2019-11-16 13:05:02
Comment: well done
Date: 2019-11-16 13:04:49
Comment: Great Professor and clearly delivered content.
Date: 2019-11-16 13:03:16
Comment: great course thank you!
Date: 2019-11-16 13:03:08
Comment: great presenter
Date: 2019-11-16 13:02:48
Comment: Great!
Date: 2019-09-23 02:20:13
Comment: Jodi's very knowledgeable and thorough. She makes learning FUN and a worthwhile experience. Jodi's presentations are very user friendly.
Date: 2019-09-23 00:20:37
Comment: Loved the course. Great info.
Date: 2019-09-22 22:20:57
Comment: Updated and very informative.
Date: 2019-09-22 21:33:37
Comment: Great Course !!!
Date: 2019-09-22 21:27:43
Comment: ty
Date: 2019-09-22 21:24:58
Comment: I hope she’s feeling better (laryngitis)
Date: 2019-09-22 21:22:10
Comment: The Professor did, as always, a wonderful job! Thank you!
Date: 2019-09-22 21:08:13
Comment: Great Course!
Date: 2019-09-22 20:53:22
Comment: I love the classes and the instructor
Date: 2019-09-22 20:36:20
Comment: Very helpful. Thank you
Date: 2019-09-22 20:31:01
Comment: n/a
Date: 2019-09-22 20:14:53
Comment: Jodi's courses are always teaching up to date information and cutting edge techniques and research that may not be known yet in a clinical setting. Enthusiastic presentation of research and materials.
Date: 2019-09-22 20:09:10
Comment: Very informational!
Date: 2019-09-22 20:04:32
Comment: Great course!
Date: 2019-09-22 19:56:16
Comment: I would like more Live options scattered throughout the year, some on saturdays or even sunday afternoons. Not all on Sunday morning.
Date: 2019-09-22 19:55:28
Comment: great course
Date: 2019-09-22 19:52:35
Comment: n/a
Date: 2019-09-22 19:49:20
Comment: Excellent course :)
Date: 2019-09-22 19:48:46
Comment: great course
Date: 2019-09-22 18:44:25
Comment: great presentation
Date: 2019-09-22 18:39:25
Comment: infornative
Date: 2019-09-22 18:33:15
Comment: n/a
Date: 2019-09-22 17:51:38
Comment: Found the course very informative. Had connection problems and was kicked off several times.
Date: 2019-09-22 17:45:37
Comment: great
Date: 2019-09-22 17:38:28
Comment: The information was very helpful. Poor Jodi and her throat! Whiskey and honey....
Date: 2019-09-22 17:14:34
Comment: great!
Date: 2019-09-22 17:12:20
Comment: Informative lecture and excellent speaker!
Date: 2019-09-22 16:51:11
Comment: Thumbs up
Date: 2019-09-22 16:37:59
Comment: Good course
Date: 2019-09-22 16:36:29
Comment: Thank you!!
Date: 2019-09-22 16:28:31
Comment: The course was well put together and informative.
Date: 2019-09-22 16:02:58
Comment: Good educational information for the value. Good presenter. Would recommend Cheapceus.
Date: 2019-09-22 15:45:07
Comment: It was a very informative course and the instructor presented the material clearly.
Date: 2019-09-22 15:33:51
Comment: .
Date: 2019-09-22 15:29:52
Comment: Too much info for such a short class to be comprehensive.
Date: 2019-09-22 15:27:42
Comment: thank you
Date: 2019-09-22 15:06:08
Comment: Another great course by Jodi
Date: 2019-09-22 14:44:41
Comment: More clinical setting applications should be incorporated in this course.
Date: 2019-09-22 14:42:06
Comment: very informative course
Date: 2019-09-22 14:40:14
Comment: The information was highly required for those of us who haven’t worked with amputees recently, great new info
Date: 2019-09-22 14:40:05
Comment: great course
Date: 2019-09-22 14:36:42
Comment: Excellent Instructor
Date: 2019-09-22 14:24:41
Comment: As usual a great job .. Thanks
Date: 2019-09-22 14:17:04
Comment: Great webinar. Would have liked to have seen more exercise examples given. I realize there are different levels and areas of amputation, but would have like to have seen more clinical application.
Date: 2019-09-22 14:14:28
Comment: as always, great presentation
Date: 2019-09-22 14:13:54
Comment: Very timely information and evidence provided.
Date: 2019-09-22 14:03:37
Comment: outstanding course! Very informative and enjoyable, thank you
Date: 2019-09-22 13:58:45
Comment: Great teacher, very knowledgable
Date: 2019-09-22 13:58:31
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2019-09-22 13:53:17
Comment: Great Course. Get Well Jodi!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:53:15
Comment: Excellent presenter kept me engaged the entire course
Date: 2019-09-22 13:51:19
Comment: This was my first live Webinar. I really enjoyed it
Date: 2019-09-22 13:48:37
Comment: I hope Jodi feels better. I have taken several courses with her and she is an excellent instructor.
Date: 2019-09-22 13:44:17
Comment: Great course as usual. Thank you.
Date: 2019-09-22 13:32:07
Comment: Thank you, very informative and kept me engaged.
Date: 2019-09-22 13:25:52
Comment: Good information
Date: 2019-09-22 13:22:48
Comment: Great course
Date: 2019-09-22 13:20:50
Comment: Very informative and convenient taking online. Thanks!!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:19:56
Comment: Great course
Date: 2019-09-22 13:18:18
Comment: The instructor was very knowledgeable and very professional. I enjoyed the course.
Date: 2019-09-22 13:17:38
Comment: Jodi is so great!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:17:10
Comment: Good course
Date: 2019-09-22 13:16:28
Comment: Good course
Date: 2019-09-22 13:16:04
Comment: Very thorough presentation. Great update on topic!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:14:45
Comment: Very well organized, great informative and educational material
Date: 2019-09-22 13:14:25
Comment: evening live webinars would be very beneficial
Date: 2019-09-22 13:12:38
Comment: Fantastic Instructor, I have taken several classes by her now and will continue to seek her classes out in the future.
Date: 2019-09-22 13:11:59
Comment: Look forward to taking another course with this instructor in October!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:10:33
Comment: connection cuts out too much apparently on your end
Date: 2019-09-22 13:10:27
Comment: Great informative course
Date: 2019-09-22 13:10:03
Comment: Great Course Presentation and clarity!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:09:56
Comment: na
Date: 2019-09-22 13:09:32
Comment: Excellent presentation. Feel better, Jodi
Date: 2019-09-22 13:09:26
Comment: very comprehensive . very informative. will definitely use this service again. thank you
Date: 2019-09-22 13:08:51
Comment: Jodi is awesome
Date: 2019-09-22 13:08:39
Comment: Excellent information
Date: 2019-09-22 13:08:02
Comment: Took course for recent client and all questions answered. Thanks
Date: 2019-09-22 13:07:43
Comment: very informative, recommended+++
Date: 2019-09-22 13:07:33
Comment: Thank you for offering this course
Date: 2019-09-22 13:07:33
Comment: Great course!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:07:29
Comment: very informative- she needs a bonus for talking through this course while dealing with laryngitis!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:07:17
Comment: Very educational and useful material.Thank you!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:07:15
Comment: Very informative course! Thanks!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:07:09
Comment: technical difficulty made it confusing at times to follow course
Date: 2019-09-22 13:06:59
Date: 2019-09-22 13:06:50
Comment: Jodi is great
Date: 2019-09-22 13:06:22
Comment: Great presentation and fantastic instructor!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:05:50
Comment: always enjoy Jodi's engaging energy!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:05:42
Comment: Really enjoyed this course information
Date: 2019-09-22 13:05:39
Comment: Wonderful instructor and great information and evidence
Date: 2019-09-22 13:05:33
Comment: Jodie was great still delivering clear information!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:05:32
Comment: This is my3rd course with Jodi — she is a fantastic presenter!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:05:15
Comment: Jodi is fantastic as always
Date: 2019-09-22 13:04:51
Comment: presenter was a true subject matter expert
Date: 2019-09-22 13:04:41
Comment: Great course
Date: 2019-09-22 13:04:30
Comment: instructor was great even if she wasn't feeling well
Date: 2019-09-22 13:04:21
Comment: This was a great course, and the instructor is fabulous!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:03:51
Comment: Jodi was great!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:03:39
Date: 2019-09-22 13:03:22
Comment: good job
Date: 2019-09-22 13:03:17
Comment: great
Date: 2019-09-22 13:03:12
Comment: N/A
Date: 2019-09-22 13:03:03
Comment: Great. Thank you!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:02:45
Comment: Thanks!!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:02:00
Comment: Great course!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:01:35
Comment: Thanks for a great course!!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:01:32
Comment: great job Jodi!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:00:59
Comment: Awesome presentation!
Date: 2019-09-22 13:00:45
Comment: Very informative!
Date: 2019-09-22 12:58:30
Comment: Good presentation, would like a course talking about the typical gait deviations, exercises appropriate for patients w/ amputations!