User's Comments on Shoulder Arthroplasty - PT (non-live)

Date: 2021-01-21 09:09:09
Comment: I Luv doing shoulders. It’s a finesse challenge.
Date: 2021-01-18 12:45:17
Comment: Great course
Date: 2021-01-07 20:09:52
Comment: Very informative! Instructor is knowledgeable. Enjoyed this course!
Date: 2021-01-03 19:17:18
Comment: Educational, affordable, and very convenient!
Date: 2021-01-02 20:33:22
Comment: Great course; immediate application
Date: 2020-12-28 18:22:47
Comment: The presenter was very knowledgeable and I learned a great deal.
Date: 2020-12-28 14:50:50
Comment: Presenter was very knowledgeable and I learned a great deal.
Date: 2020-12-03 21:20:10
Comment: It was very informative to learn all the differences between the TSA and RSA. The anatomy slides and instruction was extremely helpful. I would like to see a similar course offered on the topic of RCR by the same teacher.
Date: 2020-12-02 23:51:41
Comment: Very well done. In depth knowledge of all procedures.
Date: 2020-11-16 09:42:59
Comment: Outstanding organization and flow, enjoyable to participate and learn! Thank you!
Date: 2020-10-13 02:27:51
Comment: It's a great source for CEU's and it's highly recommended for Rehab. professionals.
Date: 2020-10-03 19:11:46
Comment: Thanks so much for a very relevant, thorough and comprehensive presentation covering Shoulder Arthroplasty Surgeries, including arthrokinematics, approaches and comparison, indications/contraind., Rehab, expected outcomes, and great research backing! Much appreciated presentation!
Date: 2020-09-30 11:43:35
Comment: very thorough and up to date information
Date: 2020-09-21 18:09:33
Comment: Thanks for the course, it was very informative. The instructor was great, she knows her stuff:-)
Date: 2020-08-02 15:26:24
Comment: a little slow for slides. Wish I can buy your power point presentation for future references.
Date: 2020-07-29 13:36:32
Comment: very pleased without, serves as a good base
Date: 2020-07-10 18:22:03
Comment: good summary of information
Date: 2020-07-10 16:19:20
Comment: I really like Jodi Gootkin !! She is a great “ teacher”.
Date: 2020-06-08 13:40:54
Comment: excellent course!. she was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to and understand
Date: 2020-06-02 23:47:21
Comment: Great course and information. Instructor was very knowledgeable.
Date: 2020-05-15 14:47:02
Comment: Could she have done a better job? I really enjoy her courses above all other online continuing education offered.
Date: 2020-05-14 21:34:19
Comment: Very good video, instructor was very detailed.
Date: 2020-05-14 21:28:35
Comment: Instructor was very detailed, very good video!
Date: 2020-05-07 00:13:07
Comment: thanks
Date: 2020-05-06 15:48:55
Comment: The back ground titles were hard to see behind the other title but great info. thanks for all of your hard work folks
Date: 2020-04-28 16:20:40
Comment: great Course!
Date: 2020-04-19 22:49:00
Comment: This course was very informative.
Date: 2020-04-05 21:47:48
Comment: very informative
Date: 2020-03-21 15:44:49
Comment: excellent course
Date: 2020-03-16 18:29:47
Comment: Good class
Date: 2020-03-02 10:19:30
Comment: Great course!
Date: 2020-02-28 08:46:01
Comment: I appreciate the convenience and low cost of the recorded video courses. Instructor is very good. Thank you.