User's Comments on Ethics - Ohio Occupational Therapy

Date: 2024-05-13 00:20:15
Comment: Helpful!
Date: 2024-05-05 15:48:39
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2024-05-01 18:51:36
Comment: Very good
Date: 2024-04-27 05:58:01
Comment: Very good information to review and study
Date: 2024-04-13 21:36:08
Comment: Very good! Thank you!
Date: 2024-04-02 18:19:04
Comment: N/A
Date: 2024-03-27 13:37:46
Comment: na
Date: 2024-03-25 17:59:32
Comment: Informative and good review.
Date: 2024-03-25 10:08:23
Comment: Great refresher course
Date: 2024-03-17 13:52:56
Comment: Informative
Date: 2024-03-15 12:23:30
Comment: Ty
Date: 2024-03-12 07:36:40
Comment: n/a
Date: 2024-02-08 11:09:52
Comment: na
Date: 2024-02-07 20:32:07
Comment: So glad you offer these courses! I hope you continue to!
Date: 2024-01-22 07:47:50
Comment: n/a
Date: 2024-01-21 10:08:41
Comment: Very helpful
Date: 2024-01-21 10:08:40
Comment: Very helpful
Date: 2023-08-23 14:25:28
Comment: A very good course.
Date: 2023-06-29 10:10:52
Comment: Easy to understand and apply to practice.
Date: 2023-06-18 13:24:37
Comment: I enjoyed a new ethics course. I felt that they have been redundant in the past.
Date: 2023-06-17 15:30:24
Comment: thank you
Date: 2023-06-17 14:20:43
Comment: I work in a school-based setting, so the content wasn't relevant to my current area of practice. The information was still valuable, and I'm grateful for the convenience, as this is requires for license renewal in Ohio.
Date: 2023-06-09 14:04:53
Comment: Case studies are most helpful.
Date: 2023-06-08 13:42:10
Comment: great overview
Date: 2023-06-07 12:36:44
Comment: Thank You!
Date: 2023-06-05 19:14:51
Comment: Good
Date: 2023-06-02 09:49:00
Comment: Very thorough, relevant, and convenient.
Date: 2023-05-31 10:38:06
Comment: Quick and informative!
Date: 2023-05-25 17:15:45
Comment: Very convenient!
Date: 2023-05-21 00:35:13
Comment: Great
Date: 2023-05-20 23:06:39
Comment: thank you!
Date: 2023-05-20 17:27:25
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2023-05-02 18:57:47
Comment: thank you! Relevant and efficient
Date: 2023-04-27 23:51:16
Comment: N/A
Date: 2023-04-16 15:59:58
Comment: none
Date: 2023-04-13 19:05:31
Comment: Excellent relevant topics to Ethics Theory. Case Studies were especially salient in determining how to apply principles to patient/client scenarios. Thank you!
Date: 2023-04-04 16:46:43
Comment: Excellent course
Date: 2023-03-26 17:43:28
Comment: This is my first time using cheap CEUs, I found the course very helpful
Date: 2023-03-13 20:33:09
Comment: The only reason I rated no new information is because I have been an OT for almost 12 years, so ethical expectations are not new to me.
Date: 2023-02-26 00:55:35
Comment: thank you
Date: 2023-02-21 22:40:51
Comment: Excellent
Date: 2023-02-08 10:58:45
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2023-01-03 11:11:36
Comment: Thank you for providing this course at a reasonable cost!
Date: 2022-10-30 20:54:19
Comment: Good review especially of the rules and regulations for Ohio Board.
Date: 2022-10-27 20:37:34
Comment: Very good review fortunately feel very eithical person both personally and professionally.
Date: 2022-06-30 16:21:42
Comment: Great
Date: 2022-06-29 17:09:27
Comment: Thank you.
Date: 2022-06-29 10:21:14
Comment: I appreciate the ease of the reading material and relevance to subject. It is very cost effective as well.
Date: 2022-06-28 21:01:29
Comment: This course was helpful and informative.
Date: 2022-06-22 20:41:37
Comment: Thorough course
Date: 2022-06-20 17:17:19
Comment: .
Date: 2022-06-18 19:04:06
Comment: none
Date: 2022-06-12 14:47:58
Comment: Great! Thanks!
Date: 2022-06-01 13:12:48
Comment: n/a
Date: 2022-06-01 09:06:15
Comment: n/a
Date: 2022-05-24 10:12:27
Comment: Quick, informative, and convenient!
Date: 2022-05-20 14:22:18
Comment: easy to do at home
Date: 2022-05-15 11:59:42
Comment: More examples of actual scenarios could be helpful.
Date: 2022-05-14 02:44:10
Comment: Very good information
Date: 2022-04-25 15:29:13
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2022-04-24 17:38:19
Comment: I still have questions that can't be answer at this time. Please provide me with information on how to obtain a book in Ethics for OTA's.?
Date: 2022-04-16 16:54:42
Comment: Thanks for providing an Ethics course online.
Date: 2022-03-16 22:42:40
Comment: I am always glad to be able to take these courses in the comfort of my home at a reasonable cost. Thank you again!
Date: 2022-02-23 17:31:11
Comment: Thank you so much!
Date: 2022-02-20 13:53:10
Comment: Material clearly presented.
Date: 2022-02-18 15:49:44
Comment: Course was quick and relevant!
Date: 2022-02-13 17:38:08
Comment: Informative
Date: 2021-12-27 16:37:30
Comment: Great course. Thank you!
Date: 2021-08-30 13:30:47
Comment: Very good course!
Date: 2021-08-27 07:52:02
Comment: great as usual
Date: 2021-06-28 13:00:37
Comment: good course!!
Date: 2021-06-28 13:00:37
Comment: good course!!
Date: 2021-06-26 08:28:14
Comment: Quck, easy and clear . Thank you !
Date: 2021-06-23 08:11:20
Comment: I love these courses ! They are convenient and very affordable !Thank you !!
Date: 2021-06-22 11:17:24
Comment: Clear, easily digested information. Thanks!
Date: 2021-06-20 14:03:15
Comment: good material
Date: 2021-06-15 17:20:31
Comment: I appreciate that the content was presented in a different way. I've taken "Ethics" many times.
Date: 2021-06-14 21:42:30
Comment: Thank you for offering this required course at such a reasonable price
Date: 2021-06-14 17:47:17
Comment: I have had an ethics course for every renewal so there is not a lot of new information to be learned and utilized. It is a thorough course.
Date: 2021-06-13 19:42:16
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2021-06-13 10:46:22
Comment: Very thorough and informative.
Date: 2021-06-08 06:03:52
Comment: I answered this on the other test. I do not know what happened The test was some how removed. did not get to answer all the questions on this one.
Date: 2021-06-08 05:13:03
Comment: Thank you. The materal was presented well.
Date: 2021-06-06 11:53:40
Comment: I would happily return for more courses due to the convenience and accessibility of the information.
Date: 2021-06-06 09:06:48
Comment: Good overview with helpful case studies.
Date: 2021-06-03 08:37:21
Comment: Great, engaging course that is relevant and helpful!
Date: 2021-05-31 21:28:38
Comment: thanks
Date: 2021-05-26 19:26:57
Comment: Great
Date: 2021-05-25 16:12:01
Comment: Easy to read; nice refresher!
Date: 2021-05-13 18:28:03
Comment: I really loved how I knew this course covered what I needed to renew. It is very cost effective and fills the requirement I needed.
Date: 2021-05-06 14:43:03
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2021-05-03 09:32:20
Comment: This was super convenient and easy to take! Also, you can't beat the price!
Date: 2021-05-01 15:43:47
Comment: Most practical ethics course that I have taken.
Date: 2021-04-26 14:13:54
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2021-04-24 12:06:20
Comment: important course that all entry level practitioners and students should complete
Date: 2021-04-22 15:46:33
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2021-04-22 14:39:11
Comment: Very convenient!
Date: 2021-04-21 10:32:52
Comment: Nice and easy to complete
Date: 2021-04-18 20:21:06
Comment: Very easy to read and take the test, good review!
Date: 2021-04-06 11:04:39
Comment: Convient and clarifying
Date: 2021-03-08 22:53:36
Comment: good review
Date: 2021-03-06 17:16:22
Comment: Execellent course!
Date: 2021-02-01 12:28:56
Comment: Great course!
Date: 2021-01-05 18:26:37
Comment: Great!- Thank you
Date: 2020-11-10 11:56:00
Comment: helpful and up to date information
Date: 2020-08-10 08:56:31
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2020-06-30 22:33:40
Comment: Good course and good value
Date: 2020-06-29 20:16:27
Comment: Good
Date: 2020-06-29 14:21:48
Comment: The design of the course is very user friendly.
Date: 2020-06-28 14:17:40
Comment: Always good to review
Date: 2020-06-28 07:48:08
Comment: good
Date: 2020-06-26 21:42:51
Comment: Thank you, I loved it!!!
Date: 2020-06-22 15:52:24
Comment: This material was helpful and informative. Thank you!
Date: 2020-06-22 14:18:15
Comment: fine
Date: 2020-06-18 11:03:18
Comment: great! thank you!
Date: 2020-06-18 10:58:09
Comment: Great, Thank you!
Date: 2020-06-16 15:14:57
Comment: very informative and educational
Date: 2020-06-16 11:42:47
Comment: Course was Conveniently and Met The Needs for Required Continuing Education Requirements.
Date: 2020-06-16 11:39:39
Comment: Course was Convenient and Appropriate for Continuiing Education Requirement
Date: 2020-06-04 15:53:48
Comment: Thank you for including the page #s in which to locate answers for Ohio ethics course.
Date: 2020-06-03 00:02:32
Comment: Very good info Keep offering Moore class and update Info on class
Date: 2020-05-26 11:48:14
Comment: This was my first course with website. Very convenient for today's busy professionals.
Date: 2020-05-23 19:30:47
Comment: great class
Date: 2020-05-22 19:01:33
Comment: This course was very informative and met my ethics requirement.
Date: 2020-05-15 10:02:23
Comment: Low cost and informative.
Date: 2020-05-09 17:48:54
Comment: thank you
Date: 2020-05-09 17:44:35
Comment: double checked answer 5. I guess i misread the question
Date: 2020-04-30 15:17:12
Comment: Thank you for this opportunity
Date: 2020-04-29 19:24:55
Comment: Very Informative.
Date: 2020-04-21 14:07:45
Comment: good
Date: 2020-04-12 14:41:45
Comment: Very good course!
Date: 2020-04-07 20:29:44
Comment: simple to use.
Date: 2020-04-04 13:19:04
Comment: Easy to read and understand. I liked the case study examples used. No trick questions on the test used.
Date: 2020-04-02 23:19:11
Comment: It is information important for our profession to be safe.
Date: 2020-03-15 15:38:05
Comment: love the affordability
Date: 2020-03-10 14:42:30
Comment: thank you
Date: 2020-02-29 19:32:38
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2020-02-25 12:50:03
Comment: Thank you. Good refresher
Date: 2020-02-13 13:27:57
Comment: thank you
Date: 2020-01-21 08:59:37
Comment: This course was easy to understand and very informative.
Date: 2020-01-13 14:09:19
Comment: very good course
Date: 2020-01-10 10:07:36
Comment: Love taking this course
Date: 2019-10-16 13:28:53
Comment: Awesome
Date: 2019-10-01 10:07:20
Comment: thanks
Date: 2019-07-17 20:09:37
Comment: Good course!
Date: 2019-06-30 00:24:18
Comment: Thank You Innovative Educational Services! :)
Date: 2019-06-27 19:19:35
Comment: Excellent overview
Date: 2019-06-26 23:53:25
Comment: Thank You for offering these courses at a reasonable price.
Date: 2019-06-24 16:38:21
Comment: Excellent, to the point, informative
Date: 2019-06-23 12:31:28
Comment: good, ability to take in home,relaxing atmophere
Date: 2019-06-23 11:20:03
Comment: very informative
Date: 2019-06-20 11:36:35
Comment: Thank you for making the course easy and accessible for a busy OT and mom. I depend on this course every 2 years.
Date: 2019-06-19 11:34:37
Comment: Easy to access and complete!
Date: 2019-06-15 22:09:34
Comment: Thank you for providing this service
Date: 2019-06-15 20:29:35
Comment: A very convenient online course when you are running out of time to complete CEUs ! Thanks for this convenience! The price is also right !!!
Date: 2019-06-10 17:44:24
Comment: Thanks!
Date: 2019-06-09 16:59:59
Comment: Very Convenient
Date: 2019-06-08 09:22:58
Comment: thank you for providing this
Date: 2019-06-05 22:45:54
Comment: I liked this course.
Date: 2019-06-04 16:21:20
Comment: great course. I will recommend
Date: 2019-06-04 08:17:19
Comment: Very good course!
Date: 2019-06-03 14:10:34
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2019-06-01 11:57:47
Comment: An easy read that was also very informative as well as easy to follow.
Date: 2019-05-30 09:03:26
Comment: would like to be able to go back and check answers
Date: 2019-05-25 21:09:19
Comment: thank you for providing this course.
Date: 2019-05-21 11:03:53
Comment: good course info
Date: 2019-05-20 12:38:19
Comment: Thank you this was interesting!
Date: 2019-05-19 20:59:03
Comment: Love the set up
Date: 2019-05-18 20:42:31
Comment: It gave a great information and examples. The price was very reasonable and it was very handy to be able to print out the information and read at my leisure prior to taking the test.
Date: 2019-04-29 13:25:02
Comment: I appreciate the updates and review of Ethical Practices in Occupational Therapy because I value my profession and those we serve.
Date: 2019-04-26 18:16:00
Comment: Well done.
Date: 2019-04-23 12:28:56
Comment: Thank you!!!!
Date: 2019-04-17 21:20:56
Comment: Great. Thank you
Date: 2019-04-15 18:10:49
Comment: I am very glad that ethics is offered online and is convenient and affordable.
Date: 2019-04-09 14:20:23
Comment: great
Date: 2019-03-31 14:06:28
Comment: Good over view
Date: 2019-03-30 17:13:52
Comment: Thanks for offering this course!
Date: 2019-03-26 21:45:55
Date: 2019-03-17 17:25:07
Comment: Great course! Thanks ?
Date: 2019-02-25 14:23:34
Comment: Clear and straight forward! Thanks!
Date: 2019-02-17 11:06:36
Comment: This course is needed in our profession.
Date: 2019-02-06 18:36:29
Comment: Excellent.
Date: 2019-02-01 08:16:18
Comment: Easy to read and understand. I enjoyed having the case studies added.
Date: 2018-06-29 15:08:39
Comment: very fast and easy course for review of ethics.
Date: 2018-06-25 18:32:33
Comment: Excellent and fast! Thank you!
Date: 2018-06-18 14:10:21
Comment: thanks!
Date: 2018-06-16 11:28:21
Date: 2018-06-13 13:24:38
Comment: Great course for the cost!! Appreciate the low cost!!
Date: 2018-06-12 15:41:05
Comment: I have very pleased with cheap ceu courses.
Date: 2018-06-11 16:07:37
Comment: very informative
Date: 2018-06-05 20:41:06
Comment: Thank for making this an affordable course!
Date: 2018-06-03 23:05:27
Comment: Great course, easy to read!!
Date: 2018-05-30 15:45:39
Comment: such an efficient, educational and easy site to navigate and accomplish/me et my CEU requirements Thank you!!
Date: 2018-05-30 09:11:07
Comment: Great course
Date: 2018-05-28 10:46:41
Comment: Thank you
Date: 2018-05-23 14:39:08
Comment: Thanks for making CEUs easy and affordable
Date: 2018-05-15 18:47:29
Comment: Always informative and convenient
Date: 2018-05-03 20:53:42
Comment: love cheap ceus!!!
Date: 2018-04-25 21:26:18
Comment: Easy and inexpensive
Date: 2018-04-22 13:06:49
Comment: I will be back!
Date: 2018-04-20 09:37:26
Comment: Good course,easy to read and understand.
Date: 2018-04-13 13:46:05
Comment: Clear, to the point information.
Date: 2018-04-10 19:32:13
Comment: satisfied with cours
Date: 2018-04-09 15:30:03
Comment: Liked being able to print out material and read at my own pace
Date: 2018-04-08 07:38:42
Comment: Good layout and very informative
Date: 2018-04-01 22:16:50
Comment: informative and educational
Date: 2018-03-19 12:27:42
Comment: Very good information.
Date: 2018-03-18 21:56:42
Comment: This reminded me of the legal responsibility i have to be ethical every day, both in my professional and personal life.
Date: 2018-03-18 06:58:30
Comment: requirement for OT license, TY
Date: 2018-03-05 20:58:06
Comment: Perfect, to the point, exactly what i needed.
Date: 2018-02-24 10:37:47
Comment: Very concise
Date: 2018-01-31 20:53:54
Comment: very good test of proper knowledge fo OT's
Date: 2018-01-28 16:15:51
Comment: Very Informative.
Date: 2017-12-15 20:24:41
Date: 2017-11-03 10:53:55
Comment: Thanks for convenient and affordable class.
Date: 2017-10-11 13:58:06
Comment: THANK YOU!!
Date: 2017-09-13 12:53:50
Comment: Great course. Thank you
Date: 2017-08-21 19:00:48
Comment: Great
Date: 2017-06-29 22:28:35
Comment: Thank you for updating the course
Date: 2017-06-29 14:15:54
Comment: Thank you very much for this ethics review for CEU credit toward renewal of my OT licensure. credit to renew my license. It was a clear and concise review
Date: 2017-06-29 13:33:57
Comment: The only factor I did not appreciate was that the OT course was provided by a PT. Prefer to have OT courses for OTs by OTs. Thank You
Date: 2017-06-27 11:48:13
Comment: Enjoyed this course, nice I could take on own time and price was very good!
Date: 2017-06-27 09:18:52
Comment: Thanks for making this so readily available and affordable.
Date: 2017-06-26 23:17:04
Comment: great course
Date: 2017-06-26 23:02:48
Comment: nice course
Date: 2017-06-26 18:09:04
Comment: Thank you for making this possible at home. It is good to have references at hand,also..
Date: 2017-06-19 21:56:25
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2017-06-19 19:03:31
Comment: Thank you for a concise, inexpensive review of Ethics.
Date: 2017-06-16 15:12:19
Comment: I appreciate the ease of use.
Date: 2017-06-16 07:59:44
Comment: This was an authentic, "old school" type ethics course focused upon medical ethics & patient care & not the "moral obligations to investors", financial-type used to justify profits. I have been told by employers & CEOs that "old school" is obsolete. Thanks for the reality check, for reaffirming my beliefs, & for keeping the torch burning!!!!!
Date: 2017-06-15 16:36:13
Comment: I appreciate the online availability
Date: 2017-06-15 10:46:15
Comment: Great!
Date: 2017-06-14 06:53:24
Comment: Thank you.
Date: 2017-06-10 15:46:29
Comment: The answer to question 6 reads 6 months in the narrative, not 3
Date: 2017-06-05 17:54:36
Comment: Some charts or graphs or video clips would make this a little more interesting.
Date: 2017-06-04 16:32:14
Comment: Relevant information and application to make a good refresher course.
Date: 2017-06-02 15:19:10
Comment: To me, the references were "the evidence"
Date: 2017-05-31 21:57:46
Comment: Thank you for providing this course!
Date: 2017-05-28 20:25:25
Comment: Good course
Date: 2017-05-22 12:20:07
Comment: Thank you for providing informative, reliable, easily accessed and inexpensive CEU's!
Date: 2017-05-18 09:00:43
Comment: Informative
Date: 2017-05-12 11:50:26
Comment: Convenient
Date: 2017-05-05 20:27:16
Comment: so nice to complete the course at home in my pajamas.
Date: 2017-05-04 17:06:48
Comment: Good review of Ohio Code of Ethics.
Date: 2017-05-02 13:55:42
Comment: This was a very good course. It was easy to understand and assisted me with meeting my ethics requirement.
Date: 2017-04-26 15:44:08
Comment: Thankyou
Date: 2017-04-22 15:22:14
Comment: this was a good learning experience
Date: 2017-04-19 08:36:59
Comment: Informative with good case studies.
Date: 2017-04-17 08:27:06
Comment: perfect for what I needed!
Date: 2017-04-14 15:09:46
Comment: Thanks!
Date: 2017-04-05 20:00:56
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2017-04-01 23:07:48
Comment: easy access
Date: 2017-04-01 11:04:53
Comment: Reading was easy to follow and coincided with the post test
Date: 2017-03-27 00:01:37
Comment: This is required for licensure in Ohio. I appreciate the flexibility! Thank you!
Date: 2017-03-11 12:33:52
Comment: Clear presentation and good reminders of Ethical information for our practice.
Date: 2017-03-04 08:19:03
Comment: Thanks!
Date: 2017-03-02 11:47:21
Comment: Thanks for the email informing me the course was updated
Date: 2017-01-31 10:20:13
Comment: Thank for making Ohio OT Ethics understandable! Great course!!
Date: 2017-01-28 21:26:45
Comment: Very Helpful
Date: 2017-01-21 11:20:26
Comment: Easy to navigate/understand and presented in terms that make sense. Thank you!
Date: 2016-12-30 08:02:58
Comment: A good reminder I'm glad this is a requirement annually
Date: 2016-10-04 21:03:47
Comment: Thank you for offering cheap ceus that are easy to access when someone is in a bind due to time constraints
Date: 2016-06-28 20:48:44
Comment: Well Done!
Date: 2016-06-27 11:35:44
Comment: Quick Easy and convenient course
Date: 2016-06-26 16:26:12
Comment: very good
Date: 2016-06-26 00:40:34
Comment: Very informative and convient.
Date: 2016-06-22 07:32:03
Comment: Thanks for the convenience
Date: 2016-06-20 13:27:23
Comment: Thank-you!
Date: 2016-06-19 21:36:11
Comment: Very informative with great reminder of all code of ethics.
Date: 2016-06-15 21:59:11
Comment: good info
Date: 2016-06-15 16:28:12
Comment: A thorough & convenient information source to use
Date: 2016-06-12 20:53:57
Comment: good reminder - thank you
Date: 2016-06-11 21:21:31
Comment: very informative
Date: 2016-06-11 11:09:53
Comment: thank you
Date: 2016-06-11 00:09:52
Comment: Thank you for helping me meet the Ethics requirement of my licensure.
Date: 2016-06-10 18:40:11
Comment: Thank you for cheap and home based courses! So much more convenient!
Date: 2016-06-10 16:40:11
Comment: Appreciate the review and grateful for the convenience!
Date: 2016-06-10 15:45:36
Comment: great course! thanks!
Date: 2016-06-07 18:10:24
Comment: great!!
Date: 2016-06-07 17:27:41
Comment: Thanks!!!😃
Date: 2016-06-06 21:57:25
Comment: god test
Date: 2016-06-04 10:08:31
Comment: love being able to take a test in my pajamas!
Date: 2016-06-02 21:15:19
Comment: love IES!!
Date: 2016-05-31 22:04:26
Comment: Informative and easy to follow.
Date: 2016-05-31 21:47:26
Comment: This course was helpful because ethical situations come up at times and it is important to be aware of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, but also illegal. Thank you.
Date: 2016-05-27 22:18:19
Comment: Thank you!
Date: 2016-05-23 14:32:10
Comment: Thanks!
Date: 2016-05-22 13:57:26
Comment: very convient
Date: 2016-05-22 09:46:51
Comment: The web site was easy to use, so I will be back again.
Date: 2016-05-18 11:49:10
Comment: I did notice that the course appears to have been updated since the last time I took it, which is good.
Date: 2016-05-17 22:25:33
Comment: great course
Date: 2016-05-15 13:59:00
Comment: Nice and assessable
Date: 2016-05-07 14:26:56
Comment: very good... thank you!!
Date: 2016-05-05 12:59:23
Comment: Thank you.
Date: 2016-05-02 13:43:36
Comment: good course easy to follow and clear
Date: 2016-04-30 12:17:24
Comment: very informative
Date: 2016-04-27 15:38:33
Comment: Thank and convenient!!!
Date: 2016-04-25 10:45:07
Comment: very good presented
Date: 2016-04-18 10:28:06
Comment: good ethics course for OHIO, thanks!
Date: 2016-04-15 19:47:43
Comment: Very good. Thank you.
Date: 2016-04-13 13:09:55
Comment: Great course
Date: 2016-04-11 11:30:27
Comment: great course
Date: 2016-04-10 15:22:59
Comment: A good review.
Date: 2016-04-09 15:59:28
Comment: very informative and understandable
Date: 2016-04-07 22:52:49
Comment: Very informative and interesting and very affordable.
Date: 2016-04-07 16:28:01
Date: 2016-04-05 18:09:45
Comment: This was the first time I have participated in an online course of this nature. Thank you and your staff for making it so convenient and stress free. I will definitely be using your service again and recommending it to my co-workers and friends.
Date: 2016-03-31 19:19:02
Comment: Very organized and informative.
Date: 2016-03-28 22:10:43
Comment: Easy to comprehend
Date: 2016-03-25 13:57:49
Comment: I love these courses...suit my learning style
Date: 2016-03-09 22:11:13
Comment: Good course.
Date: 2016-03-08 21:17:27
Comment: Good review for me.
Date: 2016-02-18 16:14:04
Comment: very good refresher
Date: 2016-02-15 14:49:21
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Date: 2016-01-27 11:12:09
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Date: 2015-06-16 10:26:31
Comment: The Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics will need to be updated to correspond with the AOTA's 2015 code of ethics. American Occupational Therapy Association (in press). Occupational therapy code of ethics (2015). American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 69 (Suppl. 3).
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