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All sessions are from 10:00am - 1:00pm eastern, 3 credit hours, still only $39.95!

7-17-22 - Movement Disorders: Clinical Presentation and Rehabilitation Considerations
8-21-22 - Dementia: Etiology, Assessment, and Management
9-11-22 - Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Disorders
10-9-22 - Spine Surgery: Operative and Post-Operative Management of Degenerative Disorders
10-23-22 - Cardiovascular Disease: Rehabilitation Considerations

Florida PT/PTA:
Mandatory: Medical Errors (2 hr) - only $19.95
We report to CEBroker (Florida) every day at 1:00am.

FL OT/OTA, PT/PTA, Massage Therapists:
Florida Human Trafficking Reporting (1 hr) - only $4.95

Texas OT/OTA, PT/PTA, Massage Therapists:
Required: Texas Human Trafficking Prevention (1 hr) - only $4.95!

Illinois OT/OTA and PT/PTA:
Required: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (1 hr) - only $4.95!

Michigan OT/OTA and PT/PTA:
Required: Human Trafficking (1 hr) - only $4.95!