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Multiple Sclerosis - PT - 4 Hour


You will need to answer 14 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. Which of the following statements regarding Multiple Sclerosis is TRUE? (p.4)

2. People who smoke are more likely to develop MS. (p.5)

3. The first symptoms of MS often include _______. (p.6)

4. "Lhermitte's sign" is a characteristic sensation of MS that feels like a sharp spike of electricity coursing down the spine. (p.7)

5. The best and most current criteria for diagnosing MS is the _______. A positive diagnosis for MS requires _______. (p.8)

6. The most common subtype of MS is _______. (p.9-10)

7. Which of the following is associated with a less favorable prognosis? (p.10-11)

8. DMT should begin as soon as possible following a definite diagnosis of MS and determination of a relapsing course. (p.12)

9. Fingolimod is a second line injectable DMT. (p.13)

10. Approximately eighty percent of individuals with MS experience spasticity. (p.16)

11. A score of _______ on the Modified Ashworth Scale indicates the effected part is rigid. (p.17)

12. What is the most common walking problem for people with MS? (p.19)

13. Which assessment tool is most commonly used to measure fatigue of MS patients? (p.21)

14. Renal failure due to bladder dysfunction is common in MS. (p.28)

15. Sexual dysfunction is a common symptom in MS and affects more than 75% of people living with the disease. (p.32)

16. MS is sometimes associated with a condition called _______ that causes inappropriate and involuntary expressions of laughter, crying, or anger. (p.34)

17. Which cognitive function is usually NOT affected by MS? (p.34-36)

18. _______ is NOT a problem typically associated with MS? (p.37-40)

19. Exercise is beneficial for individuals with MS because it _______. (p.44-46)

20. An EDSS score of _______ indicates that the individual has some degree of gait impairment. (p.47)

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