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Ethics - Illinois Physical Therapy - 3 Hour


You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. Which ethics theory is stated INCORRECTLY ? (p. 3-5)

2. Which of the following statements is true? (p. 5-6)

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the stated purposes of the APTA's Code of Ethics? (p. 6-7)

4. As per the principles of the APTA’s Code of Ethics, it is unethical for a physical therapist to have a sexual relationship with ________. (p. 6-10)

5. According to the Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant, physical therapist assistants shall provide physical therapy services under the direction and supervision of a ___________. (p. 14-17)

6. What is the most important role of informed consent? (p. 18-21)

7. PT professionals are expected to make a “fiduciary” commitment to their patients. This means that they will ________. (p. 21-23)

8. As per the Illinois Physical Therapy Practice Act, a physical therapist assistant must practice under the _____ supervision of a licensed physical therapist who maintains ______ contact with the PTA. (p. 25-28)

9. Which of the following is TRUE regarding Illinois physical therapy continuing education requirements? (p. 29-33)

10. It is unethical for a physical therapist to _________. (p. 39-40)

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