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Ethics - Georgia Occupational Therapy - 2 Hour


You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. Which ethics theory proposes that right and wrong are determined by consequence? (p. 4)

2. Which of the following statements is TRUE? (p. 5-6)

3. The goal of the informed consent process is to _________. (p. 7)

4. OT professionals are expected to make a "fiduciary" commitment to their patients. This means that they will ___________. (p. 8-9)

5. Gifts from companies to OT professionals are acceptable only when ______. (p. 11-12)

6. Under HIPAA regulations, information related to which of the following is considered "individually identifiable health information"? (p. 12-13)

7. As per the Georgia OT Rules, which of the following statements regarding supervision is TRUE? (p. 14)

8. Each 2-year renewal period, GA occupational therapy licensees must complete a minimum of ____ hours of continuing education, including a minimum of _____ live (real-time) hours related to direct patient care. (p.15-16)

9. Occupational therapy aides may treat patients with which one of the following physical agent modalities? (p. 18)

10. Which of the following is unethical? (p. 25)

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