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Alabama Physical Therapy Jurisprudence - 2 Hour


You will need to answer 11 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. The AL Board of Physical Therapy consists of ____ PTs, ____ PTAs, and ____ consumer(s). (p. 3)

2. Which profession is NOT listed as being able to make a referral for physical therapy? (p. 5)

3. Physical therapy services may be performed without a referral (pursuant to a plan of care) to which of the following: (p. 5)

4. Physical therapists practicing under a temporary license must be under what type of supervision? (p. 11)

5. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding continuing education? (p. 11)

6. Which of the following is NOT a continuing education requirement for Alabama licensed physical therapy professionals?

7. Alabama physical therapy licensees are permitted to do which of the following? (p 15-17)

8. Sexual misconduct is prohibited, and is defined as: (p. 16-17)

9. Diagnosis for physical therapy means: (p. 17)

10. A physical therapist may direct no more than ____ licensed PTAs at one time. (p. 18)

11. A physical therapist assistant may ________________. (p. 18-19)

12. Where must Alabama physical therapy licensees display their credentials during the provision of physical therapy services? (p. 19)

13. Alabama licensed physical therapists are required to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect. (p. 24-25)

14. HIPAA requires covered entities to notify affected individuals of a breach of unsecured Protected Health Information no later than _____ following the breach discovery. (p. 27)

15. Individuals convicted of soliciting or receiving remuneration for referring an individual for an item or service for which payment is made under a Federal health care program shall be fined as much as ___ or imprisoned for as long as ___.

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