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Electrical Stimulation - PT (non-live) - 3 Hour


You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. Which of the following electrical stimulation interventions would be appropriate?

2. Which of the following has a relatively low water content and is considered to be a poor conductor of electrical current?

3. Which of the following is FALSE regarding electrical stimulation applied to nerves?

4. Which of the following is a physiological benefit of electrical stimulation that is applied to muscle?

5. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the use of electrical stimulation in rehabilitation?

6. Which ES frequency is most effective for strengthening/re-educating a weak muscle?

7. Electrical Stimulation used to relieve muscle spasms should have intensity set at what level?

8. A duty cycle on/off ratio of _______ is recommended for strengthening a very weak muscle.

9. _______ stimulates normal motor recruitment and produces a smoother muscle contraction and relaxation.

10. Which statement is TRUE regarding the application and placement of electrodes?

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