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Foot & Ankle Orthopedic Disorders - OT (non-live) - 3 Hour


You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. What acronym for management of soft tissue injuries encompasses the continuum of rehabilitation beyond the acute phase and addresses psychosocial contributors?

2. Which provocative test places the foot in 10-15 degrees of plantarflexion and applies an anteriorly directed force to translate the talus while palpating the talus translation?

3. What characteristic is specific to the functional instability classification of chronic ankle instability following ankle sprain?

4. According to the Ottawa Ankle Rules, inability to bear weight immediately after injury and in department for _____ steps is a factor indicating the need for radiograph to rule out ankle fracture.

5. An individual presenting with ankle instability and anterior ankle pain with dorsiflexion activities 9 months following an ankle sprain should be assessed for what condition?

6. Which type of exercise can be beneficial when rehabilitating an individual with mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy?

7. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Sever’s disease?

8. What is the role of the windlass mechanism during the gait cycle?

9. Which measure assesses self-reported consequences of pain on an individual’s life including enjoyment in life and sleep?

10. Which measure differentiates between stable and unstable ankles and measures the severity of functional instability?

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