Online Test

Medical Errors - Physical Therapy - 2 Hour


You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. An injury that results from medical management is called a(n) ____. (p.3-4)

2. A therapist accidentally drops an exercise weight onto a patient's foot causing an injury. This is an example of __________. (p.4-5)

3. A therapist routinely chooses not to use a policy mandated gait belt when performing transfer training activities with patients. This is an example of __________. (p.6)

4. Which one of the following strategies is NOT part of a systems approach for improving safety in health care? (p.6-9)

5. A button on a piece of equipment is labeled "Push Here to Start". This is an example of _____________. (p.14)

6. _______ is the leading root cause of sentinel events. (p.17)

7. Which of the following should be reported? (p.19)

8. Which of the following statements regarding error disclosure is CORRECT? (p.25)

9. Which of the following is False regarding root cause analysis? (p.25)

10. The most important thing that a therapist can do to assist a physician with the pharmacological management of a patient is: (p.27)