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Medical Errors - Physical Therapy - 2 Hour


You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. An injury that results from medical management is called a(n) ____. (p.3-4)

2. A therapist accidentally drops an exercise weight onto a patient's foot causing an injury. This is an example of __________. (p.4-5)

3. A therapist routinely chooses not to use a policy mandated gait belt when performing transfer training activities with patients. This is an example of __________. (p.6)

4. Which one of the following strategies is NOT part of a systems approach for improving safety in health care? (p.6-9)

5. A button on a piece of equipment is labeled "Push Here to Start". This is an example of _____________. (p.15-16)

6. _______ is the leading root cause of sentinel events. (p.19)

7. Which of the following should be reported? (p.21-23)

8. Which of the following statements regarding error disclosure is CORRECT? (p.26-27)

9. Which of the following is False regarding root cause analysis? (p.27-28)

10. The most important thing that a therapist can do to assist a physician with the pharmacological management of a patient is: (p.28-29)

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