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HIV/AIDS Update (1 Hour) - OT - 1 Hour


You will need to answer 7 questions correctly to pass the test.

1. AIDS has killed more than ______ people, and is now the _____ leading cause of death among adults worldwide. (p. 3)

2. HIV belongs to a subgroup of ______ known as ________.(p. 4)

3. HIV DNA moves into the cell's nucleus and is spliced into the host's DNA during _________. (p. 5)

4. Which of the following body fluids typically has the highest concentrations of live HIV cells? (p. 6)

5. Which of the following is TRUE regarding HIV infection? (p. 6-7)

6. An HIV infected individual who has fewer than ______ per cubic milliliter of blood is considered to have AIDS. (p. 7)

7. ________ is a confirmatory test for HIV infection. (p. 7-8)

8. A combination of several drugs including reverse transcriptase inhibitors and protease inhibitors is known as __________. (p. 9)

9. To reduce and prevent accidental exposure to HIV, health care workers should ____________. (p. 10)

10. Under the Omnibus AIDS Act, it is a ___________ for a health care worker to accidentally disclose a patient's HIV results. (p. 13)

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